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Accelerated Awakening OPEN!

Christian Pankhurst just opened enrollment to his Accelerated Awakening Coaching Program!

You have to see this – the lifetime value of this training will blow your mind:

This is the most comprehensive training you could ever find on how to connect to your heart, manifest effortlessly and remove the resistance that holds you back.

What's more amazing, is that he's letting you try it for a week for just $1!

YOU can access your vast hidden resources and transform your health, wealth & happiness. Christian shows you how with Accelerated Awakening.

Over 10,000 people signed up to watch Christian's complimentary training videos this week and every single comment is a RAVING review.

But they have no IDEA how much more there is to discover beneath the surface to support you in mastering your emotional, energetic and mental range and live life fearlessly from your heart.

That's why Christian has arrived on the scene so quickly. His innovative strategies, concepts and coaching help you find your true authentic power so you can get more of who you are OUT and let more of life IN.

Christian totally changed his life around using the powerful methods he teaches in this program. He cured his asthma when the doctors said nothing could be done and broke free from his numbing depression and panic attacks after watching his best friend get brutally beaten. How?

Now Christian is teaching you step-by-step how to get started.

Check it out

The world is changing and a new wave of heart-centered, heart directed leaders are emerging to have a monumental impact on the times that lay ahead. Isn't it time you stepped away from self-doubt and stepped into your full greatness?

Why not master Heart Intelligence, and not only turn your own life around, but lead others to do the same?

Why not TRUST in your heart to guide you and to show you the way to experiencing profound joy, connection and juice?

YOU can do this.

I know Christian's program can help you do it. That's why his retreats have sold out all over the world and why nearly everyone comes back to continue their journey. There are people who book out their entire year's schedule in advance to not miss a single training – his guidance is THAT good.

Make the choice today to get started. Don't wait another year to get all of who you are out and make a difference.

Christian has told me he's only doing this for a few days because he's only got a limited amount of $1 trial memberships to give away.

So go enroll now

Here's to your new life…

P.S. If anything, be sure to watch the video to see what areas are vital to learn if you are to master Heart Intelligence. It's fascinating. And the $8716 of bonuses (and his special surprise) will be the talk of today anyway:

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