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Most people have been told the way to get better results in life is to change their choices and change their beliefs.

What if there was another critical piece, that's been mostly overlooked by the entire Personal Development industry?

A missing piece so important that without it, you could have all the results but still end up feeling empty?

What is this missing piece? Heart Intelligence.

If you don't know what that is, you're not alone as this is a new emerging personal empowerment method that's taking the personal change space by storm.

To find out just how Heart Intelligence can transform your world, just watch this brilliant FREE video by Christian Pankhurst winner of Britain's Next Top Coach…

Christian Pankhurst

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This video is part of a complimentary training that he's giving away this week. Not only is Christian offering free training through his value packed videos, he's also including downloadable worksheets, and live video broadcasts to answer your questions personally – all at NO cost!

You'll learn:

— How Heart Intelligence can transform your Health, Wealth and Happiness.
— How we defend against receiving the good stuff in life.
— How to remove the resistance that holds you back in life.
— How to receive more of what you want.
— How to get more of who you are out into the world.

At some point, all of us who've been searching for deeper meaning will reach a point where we feel stuck and ask the question, ‘Is this it?'. This video will teach you how how to get unstuck and connect to another level of mastery and authenticity:

Btw, if you haven't met Christian Pankhurst, the guy who did the video, you should take note.

Christian totally changed his life around using the powerful methods he describes in this powerful piece of content.

For example, he cured his asthma when the doctors said nothing could be done and broke free from his numbing depression and panic attacks after watching his best friend get brutally beaten.

All this by the time he was 21.

Ten years later he won the ‘Britain's Next Top Coach' award winning 52% of the votes from 91 different countries.

Today, he travels the world speaking and delivering seminars in USA, Sweden, UK, Holland, Australia, Bali, Turkey and Czech Republic.

Enjoy the video. And take notes!

P.S. Christian's video — especially the bit about ‘Embodied Awareness' is amazing. He says he's taking questions on the blog, so watch and comment. No wonder this guy is showing up everywhere! He's sure got some recognition:

— Neale Donald Walsch, author of ‘Conversations with God' said “Christian knows how to articulate these messages as well as, if not better than I do. He is a profound source of clarity and understanding of the richness and depth of this material”

Here's the link again in case you missed it


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