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FREE ‘Live’ Teleclass: Ignite Your Power, Manifest More Money

Are you ready to take your work with the 7 Levels of Wealth Manifestation to an even deeper level?

Margaret is inviting you to her fabulous and new 90 minute live teleclass… Ignite Your Power, Manifest More Money! In this totally FREE class you will be continuing your great work around BOTH money AND personal power.

Yup, they are connected…and both either advance or delay your big mission – you know… that mission that you know you were meant to do, to be and to live! That very same mission that will bring you fulfilment AND bring more of your amazing gifts to the people who want and need it the most… the mission that is CALLING YOU!

This teleclass takes the 7 Levels of Wealth Manifestation to an even deeper level.

On this class you will discover:

– Your biggest block to creating the income you have been envisioning…and we'll blast it!
– The VOW to follow an unwritten RULE that limits and sabotages your power and success (you've seen it in action, it's time to clear it!)
– How to quickly bring up your energy and charisma to the ROCKSTAR VIBE…and bring that into your mission!

Register for the FREE live class (and recording) here

Clearing the blocks to money and our personal power truly lays the groundwork for the real transformation… igniting your passion, desire, energy, enthusiasm and charisma for your life, your mission and your wealth..

…and mixing that with your brilliance!

Whew! From THAT place you will SOAR!

Make sure you register here now!

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