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[FREE Video] How to Eliminate Your Biggest Fears

How to Eliminate Your Biggest Fears Kris Carr

We often have a tendency to ignore our deepest fears.

Which makes sense, of course, because why would we want to think or focus on something we fear?

We're innately programmed to avert these fears, ignore them, push them down.

The problem, however, is that when we do that they don't go away or play less of a role in our lives.

If anything, they play a bigger, and oftentimes more unconscious role.

That's the bad news.

The good news is that you can finally do something about these fears.

You can finally let them go and change your life in profound ways.

Whether it's a fear of public speaking, fear of heights or any other phobia, fear of standing out, fear of success, fear of failure…the list goes on and on.

What would your life be like without these fears? Imagine for a second, that the biggest thing holding you back… was gone..

Watch this FREE video with NY Times bestselling author Kris Carr as she shares some of her deepest fears and what she did to overcome them:

You'll also learn:

The 3 things that Kris believes are the key to balanced health (And why most people ignore one of these in particular)

-Why most people fail at losing weight and meeting their health goals…(it's not what most people think and is the leading reason why so many diets fail)

Why emotions play such a big role in our health and what Kris dos on a regular basis to stay balanced…

This video is guaranteed to be one of the most eye opening videos you'll see all year:

P.S. – This video is part of the FREE Tapping World Summit pre-event video series being released over the next few days leading up to this enormous event starting on May 7th (Last year over 300,000 people attended this event online)

If you missed the first video with Nick Ortner on how to rewire your brain to get any result you want in life you'll get access to that video as well when you see this one. Both are very powerful…

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