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Heart Power or Will Power… which one is running your life?

Heart Power or Will Power… which one is running your life?

Have you ever wondered if it's possible to manifest your dreams from inspired action rather than brute force or discipline?

In Christian's latest FREE video from his Heart Intelligence series, he shows you how both can be used to manifest effectively.

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In this video you will discover:

The important of developing a practice to expand your range
– You will never feel ready before you are
The difference between inspiration and motivation
– How to build a vision that is magnetic to the forces of creation
Taking inspired action rather than disciplined ‘push'
– How to express yourself so your message ‘lands'
Why traditional goal setting won't work as effectively
– The difference between Heart Power & Will Power
Knowing your true direction & receiving guidance

I think the way he breaks it down into a simple 3-step process can really help you make instant changes in your life. In fact I personally think this is the best of his series so far. It's so simple and clear and he delivers in such a light and authentic way. PLUS, his cat makes another appearance!

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Over 7000 people have signed up to Christian's video series in the last couple of days. It's a phenomenon and worth checking out.


P.S. I've heard Christian is about to announce something huge soon… Stay tuned!

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