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10 Great Tips For A Successful First Date

first date
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We've all been there and know the feelings associated with the first date. It's a tense time and kind of feels like that important job interview for that position you really want. There are so many questions running through our heads which need answering.

Questions such as “how can I impress her/him?“, “should I bring her a present?“, and most importantly of all “is she/he going to like me?“. These are all relevant questions. After all, chances are that you like this person otherwise you wouldn't have made, or agreed to, the date in the first place.

Here are some ways to make sure that your first date goes smoothly and you put yourself in a position to get a second.

1) Don't be late: If the date is as important to you as that super important job interview than you will make sure you are there on time. It not only shows the person you are meeting that they are important enough to you to be a priority, it also shows them immediately that you are a person of your word and you do what you say.

Obviously, things do come up which are unavoidable and if this happens to you make sure to call your date at the first possible moment to inform them of your situation.

2) Make a good first impression: Don't show up all hot and bothered by something. Make sure you arrive with your head into the date and that you are not distracted. We all know the saying “you never get a second chance to make a first impression” so be mindful of this. Your date needs to know you are there for them and that they have your undivided attention.

3) Be sure to compliment your date: Everyone loves to hear how good they look or that they are wearing something nice and look attractive. Especially women! So guys do yourselves a favor and start the date off on the right foot by telling her she looks stunning and amazing or that her dress looks great and her hair is pretty.

She will appreciate it and take note of the fact that you said something.

She will, unfortunately, also take note of the fact that you said nothing so be aware of this and compliment her. If you don't you may have an uphill battle the rest of the date.

4) Dress well: You don't have to be up on the latest fashions but do wear something that looks nicely put together and at the same time shows off your personality and personal style.

Where you are going will also dictate what appropriate attire is. If you are going to the theater, don't wear your worn out jeans and flip flops. Conversely, if you are going to have a coffee don't show up in your best suit. Think about what your date could possible wear and then put on something that will compliment them.

5) Make sure you are comfortable: This is important and connected to the previous point of dressing well. You do want to wear something which looks nice and is appropriate for the venue of the date, however make sure that what ever you wear you are comfortable and feel at ease in it.

Don't go overboard in your attempt to impress and make yourself uncomfortable for the entire date. Your partner will pick up on your discomfort and may think is has something to do with them.

6) (For the guys) Bring her a little gift: Flowers, chocolates, a stuffed toy, or anything sweet and cute is the perfect way to get her attention, make a great first impression, and get her to start believing that you are potentially someone very special.

Don't worry about appearing old fashioned or buying the wrong thing. All you should be thinking about is that buying something sweet impresses upon your date that you took the time to think of something especially for her. This is a big, big thing and very important to women. Do not underestimate the power of these little things.

7) (For the ladies) Be Gracious: If a man comes to your door to pick you up for a date and brings you a little something cute don't make him believe that it was a mistake. No matter what the gift is accept it graciously. Chances are he did in fact put a considerable amount of time into the gift so at the very least acknowledge and understand this.

8) Make sure your car is clean and respectable: I suppose this one is for the gentlemen again. So guys, if you make it a point to go and pick up your date please make sure that you've taken out all of the empty McDonald's bags and cleared out all of the pop cans from the back seat.

Your car, like your apartment and the way you dress, says something about you and how much you care about how you appear to others. Again, it's a first impression thing so take a few minutes to tidy up your car before she gets in and you head off to your date destination.

9) Choose a place which is comfortable for you both: Speaking of date destinations, it's very important to choose a place that suits the both of you and that you both will feel comfortable in. Even if you've just decided to get together for a coffee it is important that it's the type of place where you can relax and enjoy a great conversation.

Somewhere private enough to have a personal conversation, and yet public enough so that you can look around to find conversational topics just in case you have very little to say to each other.

10) Try to relax: The best way to ruin a date is to be so nervous and filled with anxiety that you can't allow your true personality to shine through. Yes, he or she may be hot and extremely attractive but remember one thing above all else…they agreed to be there with you. They may be just as nervous as you and be thinking the exact same thing so take a deep breath and try to relax.

So the next time you find yourself getting ready for a first date and you're feeling a little insecure or anxious or feel you are not quite sure what to do to make a good first impression go through this ten point checklist.

Don't stress yourself out over things which aren't under your control focus on what is and remember, above all else, to have fun.

This is your time to really get to know this person and find out if they are the one for you so laugh and have a good time. If you let the experience unfold naturally you may find yourself never on a first date ever again.


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