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101 Powerful Affirmations Facebook Positivity Movement: Full Contest + Prizes Details

Are you in the mood to win some REALLY cool personal development products?

It's been exactly a month since I announced that I'll be running a contest to reward “Messengers of Light” who help spread the word about the 101 Powerful Affirmations Facebook Community and our “crazy” goal to revolutionize Facebook and make it more positive.

In case you're new here or are not yet caught up to speed about what we are doing and why, go watch this video now:

Since then, the 101 Powerful Affirmations facebook community has experienced exponential growth… We're now at 7,755 ‘likes' (up from 1,980 just a month ago) and the powerful, inspirational, funny quotes, affirmations and jokes from the community have been seen by and shared with people all over the world more than 1.2 million times (up from 100,000)!

Now, I don't know about you… but to me, that's simply PHENOMENAL! =P

Thank you everyone for the AMAZING support!

But we're NOT done yet… Remember, our QUANTUM goal is to hit 100,000 ‘likes' by Christmas (in only a month's time!), so that we can truly make a HUGE positive impact, so I really, really NEED everyone's help to push us much closer to that MASSIVE goal…

I promised I will be rewarding the top “Messengers of Light” who build the most buzz to the 101 Powerful Affirmations Facebook Community (and our facebook positivity movement) with tons of cool personal development prizes… and I'm not one to go back on my promise.

After pulling all the strings and calling in all the favors, I'm pleased to showcase the “uber cool” prizes by our AWESOME sponsors…

Prizes for the 101 Powerful Affirmations Facebook Positivity Movement Contest

3 digital copies of Quantum Confidence with the Morry Method System worth $299.95 each!

Quantum Confidence with the morry method system

4 digital copies of Power of Conversational Hypnosis worth $197 each!

Power of Conversational Hypnosis

8 digital copies of Pelmanism Powers worth $37 each!

Pelmanism Powers

5 digital copies of Quantum Success Secrets worth $37 each!

Quantum Success System

3 digital copies of Mindzoom Subliminal Affirmations Software version 2.0 worth $47 each!

MindZoom 2.0

1 digital copy of Mind Movies version 2.1 worth $97!

Mind Movies 2.1

Now, just so you know, these are some of the BEST-SELLING Personal Development Products online…

So, how do you go about winning these awesome prizes?

How to take up in the contest and stand to win these cool prizes

1. ‘Like' the 101 Powerful Affirmations Facebook Page and sign up for my FREE Personal Development Email Newsletter* (You'll receive a digital copy of my “101 Powerful Affirmations” eBook worth $47 absolutely FREE).

*It's important that you stay subscribed to my email newsletter because that's where I'll send out important contest updates as well as announce the contest winners!

2. Build buzz about the 101 Powerful Facebook community,  our crazy goal to revolutionize facebook and make it more positive, and the contest via one/more/all of these ways:

a) Link to the community via your blogs/facebook/google+ page/twitter/websites using the following link (which redirects to the facebook community itself) and tell people what we are doing:

b) Link to this contest page so people know what we are doing and why:

c) Link to the video where I explain what we are doing (saves you a lot of explanation on your own):

d) ‘Like', Comment on and ‘Share' the pictures and status updates (using the ‘share' link in Facebook which is not available on mobile phones… so you need to share it using your PC) from the 101 Powerful Affirmations Facebook Community so we can touch more lives with our positive messages!

e) Post affirmations and quotes you find interesting on our facebook wall (no spamming please… spammers will be disqualified from the contest). Better yet, get creative! Take a funky picture of yourself holding a sign with your favorite quote/affirmation, post it on our wall and/or tag us!

f) Any other way you can think of  to build buzz and help us get closer to the 100K ‘likes' goal (Bonus points go to the most creative messengers of light!)

3. ‘Like' this blog post to spread the word about the contest and leave a comment using your facebook name and the email you used for subscribing to my newsletter to tell me

a) Which of the prizes you WANT to receive if you WIN and

b) WHY you deserve to win (Talk about what you're doing or will be doing to build buzz to the community and contest) and

c) Type out one of your favorite quotes/affirmations found on the 101 Powerful Affirmations Facebook Community Page and your thoughts on it.

And just to see if you're reading this, the first 3 people to leave a comment on this blog post (following the instructions above) automatically wins one of the prizes listed here!

So what are you waiting for, my dear messengers of light? Let's get cracking spreading the word and  touching some lives, right now, shall we? =)

P.S. Contest ends Christmas 2011 and that's when we will be giving out the prizes!

November 24, 2011   31 Comments