My Mission: To Touch As Many Lives As I Can So As To Bring More Love, Hope And Joy To The World!

Be a “Messenger of Light” and stand to win COOL Personal Development Products!

Contest Update (24 Nov 2011): Get the full details of the 101 Powerful Affirmations Facebook Positivity Movement Contest + Prizes HERE

I have AWESOME news for you today… as always =)

As you may already know, I've set up a facebook community/fan page to share my affirmations as well as positive, inspirational and motivational quotes:


Since my last email to you about this positive facebook community (about 1 week+ back), it has received 1,980 ‘likes' and the powerful, inspirational quotes and affirmations from the community has been shared with and exposed to more than 100,000 people!

Taking into consideration that it took me 4 years to touch 1 million lives with this is totally amazing and mind-blowing!

And it has also led me to set a WILDLY ambitious goal…

My goal is to garner at least 100,000 ‘likes' for the 101 Powerful Affirmations facebook community by Christmas (25 December 2011) so that we can touch even more lives and bring more love, hope and joy to the world!

Specifically, the intentions behind the 100K ‘likes' (in 2 months) goal are:

1) To increase the visibility of this positive community and spread powerful, inspirational messages across facebook to neutralize all the negative ranting/complaints found on the average facebook user profile.

2) To show and inspire people that yes it's a very ambitious goal but as long as we do our parts and take positive action towards our goals, we're going to see results!

I obviously need your help since this is something I can't possibly do on my own!

So this is how you can help…

1) Choose to be a “messenger of light” and share pictures (that speaks to you) in the “Powerful, inspirational quotes and affirmations” photo album (by clicking the ‘share' link, found beside the ‘comment' link, below the pictures) as well as status updates from the “101 Powerful Affirmations” community.

2) Tell all your friends about this vibrant community and what we aim to achieve! Here's the direct link to this community:

3) Participate in discussions in the community… Leave comments about the daily affirmations and pictures… Feel free to share your own inspirational pictures and affirmations (no spamming please!)

And of course to reward you for helping me make facebook/the world a better place for everyone to live in, here's a little incentive…

I'll be running a CONTEST to “reward” the most active “messengers of light”.

Right now, I'm in the midst of tying up with sponsors to give away some pretty cool personal development products and prizes!

So far, on board are MindZoom (they have generously vouched to sponsor 3 copies of their latest Mindzoom Subliminal Affirmations Software 2.0 worth $47 each) and Mind Movies (who's sponsoring a copy of their latest Mind Movies Creation Kit version 2.1 worth $97).

To stand a chance to win these and many other cool personal development products, you need to:

1) Subscribe and stay subscribed to my Personal Development Email Newsletter (what you're reading now!). For your friends / colleagues / family / loved ones who want to take part in this contest, make sure you get them to subscribe here (because I'll be posting more details about this contest via this email newsletter in days to come…)

Alternatively, they can also subscribe through the facebook page by entering their name and email in the opt-in form there.

2) And be a “messenger of light” as discussed above (build buzz about the 101 Powerful Affirmations community!)

I'm sooooooooooooooooo excited… Are you?

We are about to change the world… in a totally awesome way…

You now have an important choice to make…

Ignore this message and life goes on as usual…

Take action and help make the world a better place… and stand a chance to win fabulous prizes that will help you grow and achieve your own goals!

As always, I'll leave it for you to decide… But of course, I'm hoping you won't be one of those apathetic guys… because the world can do with more lightworkers!

So yeah… this is me declaring to all you guys my CRAZY goal of garnering 100K ‘likes' (in 2 months!!) for a brand new facebook community and touching million more lives in the process and helping to change the world in a dramatically profound way and hoping some of you will bite and jump on board with me…

It's alright if you don't even care about the contest! Let's just start and continue to share the love, happiness and positive energy okay?

Say ‘YES' and let's DO IT!

To Your Success,
Yee Shun-Jian
Personal Development for the Book Smart

P.S. I'm just a CRAZY guy who thinks he can change the world… Won't you be my “partner in crime”? =)

P.P.S. Share this blog post so more people know about this contest and my CRAZY goal to infect the world with POSITIVITY!

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Arjuna Devi says:

a) Quantum Confidence with the Morry Method System
b) Like and share 101 Powerful affirmations every time I log on to facebook.As a result many of my friends started to hit the like button in 101 powerful affirmations Page.
c)”Laugh your heart out, dance in rain,cherish the moment,Ignore the pain,Live laugh love, forgive and forget.Life is too short to live with regrets” Nobody knows what will happen tomorrow.So enjoy each and every moment.LIFE IS AN ICE CREAM USE IT BEFORE IT MELTS =)

Hi Arjuna, please comment on the updated contest page here:

Arjuna Devi says:

Hi Shun Jian

Powerful affirmations created by you brings about positive changes in my belief system.I experience it very well.I keep sharing all the affirmations posted by you daily and i am sure that we can reach the desired goal .The idea behind this goal is to touch maximum number of people’s lives to bring joy, peace and prosperity around the world. Very good effort.I will work hard and support you to spread this idea as much as I can.

Michael says:

Hi!How many winners will be selected?Or only one person will be awarded.

More than one definitely… I’ll update the prizes soon =)

Bill says:

Hi!wondering how you can get 100000 likes within a span of 2 months.Its a good idea to motivate others through this contesy but to achieve your goal you must think how to market your facebook page virally.

We have already gotten almost 6,000 likes so far… And we’ll just keep pushing forward! =D

Tim says:

Great work!keep it up.Just now shared your link with 50 friends.working hard to win this contest

Silvio says:

Good luck!hope with this contest and your reputation you will achieve your goal of 100000 likes in 2 months.

Thanks Silvio… My mission in life is to touch as many lives as I can so as to bring more love, hope and joy to the world… This project’s one of the ways to help me do that =)

Damian says:

How many people I need to invite in order to win?

Damian, don’t worry about that… Just keep spreading the word… Even if you just spread the word to one more person, it will make a difference to them =D

David says:

Hi!Really a great step in promoting useful content of this blog.This contest is a very positive development for

David, look at my response to Silvio =P

Harry says:

I’m sorry to say but i think 100000 likes in 2 months is an unrealistic goal.But anyway good luck at least you are trying .Hope you can generate enough reader interest through this contest to reach your goal

It’s a quantum goal, Harry… It’s a stretch goal… At the end of the day, regardless of the number of likes, it’s a WIN for everyone =)

James says:

Your blog has changed my life in last 1 year.I was already promoting your blog among my family and friends but now due to this contest I’m going to work extra hard in sharing your facebook page with all of my social contacts.

Awesome, James… Thanks for the support~

Joseph says:

By the way what are the prices for winners of this contest.

Kate says:

Already shared your facebook page with 35 friends.I’m going to win this contest.

Awesome Kate, keep sharing!

Maria says:

Hi !can you please provide details that what prizes will be awarded for this contest.

Details out within the next 24 hours! I promise…

Howard says:

Are you sure that this contest can motivate enough people to reach your goal of 100000 goals in 2 months?It’s a difficult goal even for a popular site like

=) If you understand the intention behind the goal, you will know it’s a WIN either way =D

John says:

You have a very ambitious goal of 100000 likes in 2 months.Any way wish you good luck and hope that people will participate in this contest and help you reach your target.

Ambitious indeed… but why set mediocre goals when you can set AWESOME goals?

Steve says:

I’m a regular reader of your blog since last 8 months.already told many of my friends about your contest hope you will reach 100000 likes before christmas .Wish you good luck.

Hamzah says:

Recently read your book101affirmations and i would say one of the best book i have read on personal development.I’ve already liked your facebook page and i hope that through this contest your message will reach more people who need it

Thanks for the support Hamzah… Feel free to share the positive message! Let your friends know they can download my life-changing ebook for free here: