My Mission: To Touch As Many Lives As I Can So As To Bring More Love, Hope And Joy To The World! surpasses 1 Million Pageviews!

Today is a significant day.

I started this Personal Development Blog 4 July's ago with 0 visitors and today marks the day where my blog traffic surpassed the 1,000,000 pageviews milestone! surpasses 1 Million Pageviews

And here's the kicker… I would not have had the pleasure to enjoy this moment if the following deal went through:

Rich Dad offered to buy over

You see, back in January 2008, when was still in its infancy, I got an offer from John Seiferth, Robert Kiyosaki (Rich Dad)'s apprentice to buy over my domain.

The deal fell through because John Seiferth was apparently too busy to follow up.

After repeated replies to John's initial email which went unheeded, I decided to continue developing this site on my own and many moons later, this is the result.

So the moral of the story is… Everything happens for a reason. Something you perceive as bad at any moment can lead to something good over the long run.

I want to thank all my blog readers, subscribers, friends and family for the support. You guys are awesome! I hope to continue to inspire you for many moons to come =)

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robert says:

Congratulations, lucky you, at least you knew/know what you want & that is a problem for me ( nothing to worry about though )i always am content with my life as i seem to travel the middle road & i just go with the flow never realy WANTING anything as life is prety good anyway.
You sound happy & with all of us reading you, you are doing great for yourself & for us.
live long & prosper my friend

Robert, maybe this article will help you figure out what you want:

We All Have a Purpose: Keys to Discover Your Calling


Bra I think Atraaction without Action is imposible and thanks to you I’ know that now.!! Keep on ispiring my action with your daily news letters..!

You’re welcome… and I will =)


pateka says:

Thank you for the encouraging email. it makes me to thinks very positive about myself. And my future .please keep on sendind u build me.

You’re welcome, pateka!

As long as you remain subscribed to my free personal development newsletter, I’ll be able to continue sending you more encouraging emails… =)

Mary says:

Thank you for reminding us all that attraction requires action and time. It can be so easy to “want” everything to just magical be like we want and we need those reminders that we have to contribute to our success!!! I love your blog.

Hey Mary, everyone’s looking for the “magic pill”. I know because I’m guilty as charged too… It takes a real shift in mindset to realize that we are 100% responsible for our own success! I’m glad I made the shift and I want to remind everyone about this very important change in mindset so more people can get unstuck and start living the best life possible!

Deanna says:

Congratulations Yee!!
I’ve just joined with you and I am impressed with your personal story and how you didn’t sway from your dream because of your friends limited views. I wish you continued growth, success and abundance and I look forward to reading future posts/lessons.


Hi Deanna, welcome!

It wasn’t easy… trust me… Anything worth fighting for usually isn’t… But I’m glad I didn’t give up… and that I can be an inspiration to you as well as my other blog readers and subscribers =)

Wishing you growth, success and abundance too… and great health! (very important)

Sarah Tan says:

Wow Shun Jian, this is amazing! Congrats…

I’ve been following your blog since the early days and it has really grown into a real fine piece of work.

Your successes motivate me to do better in my own life. I look forward to receiving your emails every time because they always leave me feeling good.

Congrats once again!

Hi Sarah, I’m glad I’m able to touch you and make a difference in your life! Stay tuned… because I have more inspirational emails coming your way!