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Mind Movies 3.0: An Exclusive Interview with Natalie Ledwell by Yee Shun-Jian

I flew 26 hours and 8,871.43 miles (14,276.79 km) from Singapore to San Diego recently to meet up with and interview Natalie Ledwell¬†(co-founder of Mind Movies and host of the inspiration show)¬†face-to-face so that you can have a better idea of who she is and what she stands for…

Please pay special attention to this exclusive video interview because I got up close and personal with Natalie and got her to reveal…

How she went from where she was (broke and unfulfilled) to where she is now (living a life of complete abundance)

– The FIVE types of affirmations you MUST use in order to manifest the life of your dreams

What you are going to learn in her FREE abundance results online training and WHY you must attend it

– Her number 1 success “golden nugget” (which she has never shared in ANY other interviews)

I really hope you enjoy the video…

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October 16, 2012   2 Comments