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5 Winning Attitudes that will Help You Reach Your Goals

5 Winning Attitudes that will Help You Reach Your Goals
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How hard is it to fulfill your dreams? Can you achieve your goals if you really want to? If obstacles seem to block the path to your dreams, what can you do to overcome them?

Consider this: Reaching higher than where you are now, can only be done with growth. We need to develop our core strengths to take on the challenges that threaten the success of our endeavor.

So where do we start?

The five core elements of personal development listed below create a cycle of perseverance and the power to overcome obstacles to reach and exceed your goals.

1. Focus – How distracted are you by television, entertainment, shopping, and friends? To achieve the goals that have been beyond your reach will require that you block out the distractions that have taken up your time. You must determine what that special place is where you can close out distractions and give all of your attention, and all of yourself, to the target of your focus.

2. Enthusiasm – Enthusiasm gives you the mental power to ignore what people think of you, when you believe in what you're doing. With enthusiasm you are tireless to learn and work and learn more in pursuit of the object of your enthusiasm. Personal development is about choosing the optimum attitude in any given situation to achieve your goals and overcome difficulties. Enthusiasm is that optimum attitude that fuels your creativity and hope, and provides the energy to chase your plan.

3. Action – When you have focused and produced, been driven to learn and grow through enthusiasm, you find yourself packed with information and ideas. The time comes for action, and once it does, there is nothing that will bring you relief till you take it. Action gives the seed a chance to germinate. It makes use of the fuel you've stored up from creating and researching and learning. Once you have taken action the process continues. But before long, you'll need to take action again.

4. Optimism – Once your action has been taken, you've also taken risk. And risk can be scary. Optimism says that it will all go well, and turn out right… that all your effort is well worth your action. And that even if it doesn't go as planned, optimism says you'll learn from it and make it work out the next time. Optimism believes that what you hope for is at hand. It tells you to expect success.

5. Tenacity – When your hope is unfulfilled and your action didn't bring the thing you desired, tenacity keeps you holding on and not letting go of your dream. Tenacity gives you time to get back to the focusing, and fueling it with enthusiasm, then taking more action, and believing the action will bring the desired results, leading you to more optimism that it will all work out in the end…and tenacity to keep you from letting go.

The only thing that can prevent you from winning is quitting. You just have to continue to stay in the fight, reaching for your dream, as long as it takes until you succeed.

Think about each of these core strengths, and how they lead one to another. Think about how you can choose and embrace each one in the face of challenge. Doing that will develop the strength that will see you through far greater trials in the future.


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This article was contributed by Diane Johnson who graduated from the University of Utah with a degree in political science. When she's not traveling she enjoys writing articles about online education, reading books and shopping.

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