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9th Grade Dropout Becomes Millionaire

six minutes to success
The truth is stranger than fiction (as you'll see in this video):

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In 9th grade, this guy got kicked out of school.

So, feeling stuck, he got a low-paying job and wasn't anticipating any sort of success coming his way.

Things were going from bad to worse when the book, “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill, was given to him. That book became, not only the first book he ever read, but was also a major turning point in his life, as well as the Personal Development industry.

From that point, he went from earning $4,000 a year to over a million dollars a year in a short amount of time.

That person was Bob Proctor. You probably know him best from the movie “The Secret”. He has helped thousands of people, not only to make more money than they can spend, but to enhance all areas of their lives – health, wealth, relationships and happiness.

In this brand new video, Bob lets you inside his head and tells you exactly how he turned it all around — even with all the things that were “working against” him at the time.

This video was *just* released today and it's definitely a “must watch”:

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P.S. This video is free and it's 100% content. I just looked on twitter and the buzz about this is incredible.

Seriously, you gotta see this:

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P.P.S. A psychologist learned more about success with the concepts in this video than he learned in 4 years of med school and 5 years of psychiatric training. Why are you still reading this email??

Go watch the video!

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