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Achieving your dreams before you die

While we are still on the subject of achieving your dreams, I found this wonderful and interesting animation on youtube:

It's the story about a kiwi that went against all odds to fulfill his dreams before he died. The Kiwi took the time and effort to nail trees to the side of a cliff to create the illusion that he was flying when he jumped down the edge of the cliff.

He finally understood the meaning of joy and as he accelerated down the cliff, you could see how happy he was as he imagined himself to be a flying bird.

Now I'm not advocating suicide or anything but I think there is something to be learned here.

Something simple.

Something even an animated kiwi knows.


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Garry True says:

It did end well for the Kiwi. In fact, last time I heard, the kiwi has started a flying school.
Here is how it ended:

Yes, I can concede that we all should go full out to meet our passion. Our journey on the quest to fulfill our passion may not always end happily. I can see that but I still would have liked this video to end on a happier note.

Ed Anderson