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Dick and Rick Hoyt, An Inspirational Love Story

Today I just want to share with you a love story.

No, no, no… not the conventional boy-girl type of love story.

This is the inspirational story of a father's love for his son… and it's hard for me to do any justice to the story by telling it to you because I don't want you to miss out any single detail about it. So… I have decided to show it to you instead.

Watch this video. Even if you have watched it before, watch it again!

See how you can apply whatever you manage to soak out of it in your own life.

Till next time…


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Michelle says:

Dear Yee Shun-Jian,
This has touched my heart so deep that I started to cry from it all.
The very thing I have been praying and praying for was something to at least show me that my depression and other disorders wouldn’t get the best of me. Day in an day out I experience much guilt to know that I find it hard at the moment that things seem to not be moving in my life. And now for much of what it is.
This has told me to not give up and to allow love to be the power and inspiration of everything I do. Even when I feel under the weather of things seem bleak even when I fail a couple of times.
Thank You 🙂 Light and blessings!

Richard says:

Hi thanks for sending me this video. I have 4 perfectly healthy sons that are very intelligent.
I would like to share with you life from a different angle. Also have enjoyed perfect health until
My 60 birthday party that was so well attended it could have been my funeral.
After that statement I best explain. All family’s can have emotional discomferts and for ours
It took a bad turn some because of finances some because of trust. To keep this short the
Emotions of sadnes, guilt, helplessness and hopelessness not being able to express my self
Led to me not being able to eat solid food. Lived on juiced vegetables, fruit and water for eight
Months. Also was diagnosed with terminal prostate cancer thet metastasized into my pelvic bones.
Accepting my fate with joy & opportunity a year later with No cancer treatments the doctors tel me
To keep doing what I am doing ( managing my emotions).
My life goal is to prove to the human population that all cancers develop from different levels of Emotional
Discomforts and energy blocks. Yours truly Richard P Cote.
When this simple thought is accepted and felt cancer will pas
God gives to us threw thought without gugment. All will pass. ?

victoria says:

There are fathers who have children with out physical challenges but do not appreciate what they have. Please continue to view living Angels which I identify as the father in this video

sandra says:

How does he find the money to do all this things with his son. I have a child with CP and I’m unable to take him to get the therapy he needs because of lack of funds. Just buying a bike for him would cost me over $1000.00. It is nice to see that there are people out there that are able to do this things. God Bless

Bobina C Igbo says:

Thank you for this is video, it really touch my heart indeed! and i believe in God we can.Please continue doing the inspiration to lives because you touch many many soul. May The Almighty God Bless you, i like the video, i needed more thanks!


Very touching Video indeed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You know what, thats why God has always Blessed your Business because you touch Lives out there.

Thank You.

kritika says:

dear yee shung thanks for sending me this video…its really very touching to my heart …thanks again…!!

tammy says:

wonderful!! its in all of us, maybe we have to dig a little deeper. God gave us all this love and its a beautiful thing to see it in this father/son relationship. Go Hoyt team GO!!! thank you for sharing this with the world, and esp me

farah says:

too much inspiring and truly touching story,i cant stop tears,to see father love, thanks for sharing,

brie says:

very touching and truly inspiring, thanks for sharing…..

Nuriezan says:

it touch me… really touch me

Luiz Fernando says:

God’s perfect, he gives strength to keep up and always look at us. He can renew us everyday and we should worship him everytime.
Great story!

HedgeWitch says:

Thank you for sharing this video, im sure it will touch many peoples hearts and lives.

Joan says:

The stories on love I read were phenominal. I do believe this is a world of love. Fathers/Dads you too are wonderful.

renzze says:

Very touching video of selfless love. Thanks for sharing!

Love your writing. Keep up the great work. I will be checking in often to read more.

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