My Mission: To Touch As Many Lives As I Can So As To Bring More Love, Hope And Joy To The World!

I didn’t become an “Expert” overnight

I've been asked this question a lot:

“Shun Jian, how did you go from being an ordinary guy with 5-figure credit card debts to generating a 6-figure income from the internet and making it as an “Expert” with 79,000+ subscribers and 84,500+ facebook fans, and making a positive difference to millions of lives worldwide in a highly competitive niche like ‘personal development'?”

Well, the short answer is… I chose to follow my passion and dreams and dedicate my life to doing work that touches lives and brings more love, hope and joy to the world… but more importantly, you need to know that I didn't achieve my “expert” status overnight! (I started by making a positive difference to 1 person and continued from there…)

Many people see the fruits of a person's success and think “Oh boy, they are so lucky… if only I had the opportunities that they have…”

Guess what? You do!

It's just whether you want to make use of the opportunities or let them slip right by…

The reason I got into $20K+ in debt in the beginning was because I chalked up credit card debts to pay for personal development, wealth creation, internet marketing, NLP, life coaching etc. seminars.

Investing in myself, my financial education and my own personal development was probably the best thing that I've ever done because not only did my investment multiply many times over, I cut my learning curve exponentially by learning from mentors who have been there and done that…

I also picked up essential skills that have allowed me to build a thriving business in the personal development realm, helping millions of people along the way (through the amazing reach made possible by my facebook communities, newsletters, eBooks and blogs)

Now, I'm NOT asking you to purposely get into debt to pay for courses to upgrade yourself.

You might not have the guts to do that… and you're probably not as desperate as I was to succeed…

What I'm saying is… if you have the resources AND you are willing to put in the work to make it work, I've some awesome news for you…

The GOOD news… Brendon Burchard, my good friend and one of my most esteemed mentors, has just re-opened registration to his popular Experts Academy program (The last time this program was made available to the general public was over a year ago!)

Basically, this is one of the most comprehensive training you could ever find on how to get paid as a life-changing author, speaker, coach, seminar leader and online information marketer.

I've personally undergone Brendon's training and let me tell you, this guy's the real deal and he definitely knows what he's talking about. Not only does he massively over-deliver, I've implemented just a couple of the strategies he taught and look at the difference it has made to my business and positioning as one of the top experts in the personal development realm today!

At Brendon Burchard's Experts Academy Live EventAt Brendon Burchard's Experts Academy Live Event

With Brendon Burchard and his top affiliatesWith Brendon Burchard and his top affiliates

Experts Academy VIP ExperienceExperts Academy VIP Experience

With Brendon Burchard and Marcia WiederWith Brendon Burchard and Marcia Wieder

Go watch this video NOW if you're interested to make a POSITIVE DIFFERENCE to the world (and get paid a lucrative income doing so, like Brendon and me)

The BAD news is that registration closes very SOON (Brendon's programs always sell out FAST) and I don't know when he will be offering this training again.

The decision is yours…

Do you want to look back 5 years from now and see TODAY as the turning point of your life? =)

To Your Success,
Yee Shun-Jian
Founder and Chief Happiness Officer,

P.S. Brendon has sweetened the deal and made this a “no-brainer” offer by throwing in a ridiculous amount of bonuses, worth more than $65,000! Make a decision and register for the program NOW… You'll thank me for it:

Watch this video NOW for the full details

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