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You may have heard before of a ‘life force energy' within you.

A power that allows you to transform your life. To attract happiness, wealth, success, and even health.

But do you know how to USE this power in your daily life?

It's time to introduce you to Qi Gong

Qi Gong means ‘Life Energy Cultivation', and is the act of harnessing and using this energy to strengthen your body's immune and recovery system.

This mysterious energy from the East has been used for a millennium as a cure and prevention for headaches, joint pains, aches, stress and pretty much everything else in between.

In fact, many of its principles can be found in other traditions such as acupuncture, reiki, yoga and tai chi… and even the Law of Attraction.

And out of all the Qi Gong masters I know, perhaps no one is better equipped to tell you all about it than Lee Holden.

Lee has hosted a number of hugely popular Qi Gong shows on PBS since 2005 and has become a household name in the process.

Today he's releasing 3 FREE video lessons that will show you how you can start practicing Qi Gong straight away with no experience necessary.

It's called Qi 101 and you can access the FREE lessons here

Those who have seen Lee before will be happy to know he hasn't lost his fun and easy approach to energy…

And those who haven't will experience an easy and adjustable introduction to Qi Gong that can only be found as part of Lee's new project – Modern Qi Gong. It's time to get your Qi Gong game strong!

Click here to start Qi 101 (FREE Video Training Series)

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