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101 Reasons To Quit Smoking And Drinking

Every now and again it’s good to re-evaluate your life and look at every aspect of it from diet and fitness through to things like quitting smoking, drinking alcohol and taking drugs, whether legal or illegal.

Deciding to put an end to years of imbibing nicotine or whatever your drink of choice is, can be tough – for some it can be totally life changing, especially so if it’s an addiction that has spiralled way out of control.

Of course, looking into booking into a helpful treatment center or rehab facility is the best way to go if things are really out of control and should be the only way if the problems are really severe, but in case you need reminding, here are 101 reasons why you should make those changes now. Stopping smoking or drinking can be done with the right help, know how and of course, the will power from you.

1.) You’re the only one who shapes your destiny so take control and stop those bad habits for yourself.

2.) Stopping drinking and smoking can drastically cut the overall risk of dying young from illness by as much as fifty percent.

3.) You’ll save money. With the money you save you can plan the holiday of a lifetime or put it towards a treat you or your family will love.

4.) Stopping drinking is a great way to kick start weight loss. Immediately knocking off the extra calories you’re consuming in alcohol will help you ditch those pounds.

5.) Stopping smoking will immediately make you breathe easier. You can literally wake up and smell the coffee.

6.) Your chances of having a heart attack will drastically decrease.

7.) Your chances of having a stroke will be cut

8.) Your chances of developing many serious types of cancer will be cut.

9.) You automatically halve the risk of developing chronic lung conditions or breathing problems either now or later in life.

10.) Smoking and drinking are typically selfish pursuits.

11.) Friends and family who love you will automatically quit pestering you to stop your habits.

12.) You’ll increase your work productivity because you’re not nipping out to smoke every half hour or so.

13.) You’ll feel more energetic and have more zip and pep.

14.) Exercise will seem like less of a chore and seem more like an exciting option.

15.) You won’t smell like an ashtray.

16.) You won’t have nicotine stained fingers.

17.) Your breath won’t repel people.

18.) No more hangovers that ruin weeknights and weekends.

19.) In Winter, you won’t end up with frostbite on your fingers and toes from nipping outside to have a cigarette.

20.) Within a few days of stopping smoking your taste and sense of smell will have improved so much you’ll be able to enjoy your food again.

21.) Learning to enjoy the occasional glass of wine will become a pleasure. Savoring alcohol with a meal will mean you appreciate it more, rather than drinking to become blotto.

22.) If you’re single, you’ll suddenly become more attractive to the opposite sex, none of whom like kissing an ashtray or someone who consistently reeks of Coors.

23.) You won’t feel like as much of a social pariah as you did before. Smokers are generally in the minority, with only thirty percent of theUSpopulation having the habit currently.

24.) You won’t have a persistent, irritating cough when you wake up.

25.) You won’t have a persistent, irritating headache that means you constantly need pain relief to get rid of it.

26.) You won’t be bothering the Doctor constantly if you stop smoking and drinking, because your immunity to infections will increase.

27.) The health of your teeth will improve.

28.) The health of your gums will improve, so less visits to the dentist and less getting into trouble with him/her.

29.) You’ll no longer have to lie about your drinking/smoking or cover up where you’re going as you sneak out for a beer or a cigarette.

30.) You might stop setting fire to things with your cigarette butts.

31.) Cheaper life insurance.

32.) If you have an operation, the chances of complications from anaesthetic decrease if you are not a heavy smoker or drinker.

33.) It is never too late to stop. You’re never too old to make changes.

34.) Think about choosing your health and vitality over a depressing addiction.

35.) Well over fifty million US Citizens have managed to quit smoking in recent years. That’s a lot of people. Become one of them.

36.) You love life and want to live it to its fullest.

37.) Not drinking or smoking will drastically improve your sex life.

38.) Your hair won’t stink of nicotine.

39.) Your clothes won’t smell or boozy bars or smoke.

40.) Your chances of getting depression will decrease.

41.) You will, in time, feel less anxious about life and more able to cope without needless crutches.

42.) You’ll get all the nutrients you need from your food.

43.) Your skin won’t look so sallow and dull.

44.) The health of your hair will improve.

45.) Your circulation will become much better; you’ll look rosy and pink instead of grey.

46.) For women, menstrual cycles will improve or start again.

47.) For men, the quality of their sperm will increase.

48.) Hormonal cycles and patterns will no longer be disrupted, leading to…

49.) A better chance of conceiving and carrying a baby full term.

50.) Quitting drinking will help the health of the fetus.

51.) Quitting smoking will give the baby a better chance of being born at a normal weight.

52.) Quitting both will dramatically cut the risk of a baby being born with birth defects or illnesses which will need constant treatment.

53.) You’ll prematurely age the more you smoke and drink so you’ll spend more anti-ageing and anti-wrinkle creams that you won't need if you quit.

54.) You reduce the risk of your brain shrinking.

55.) Your memory will improve.

56.) Your bone health will become better, as smokers and drinkers are more likely to suffer from osteoporosis.

57.) Smoking and drinking stop the blood from flowing properly around your body.

58.) Your sex life will improve.

59.) With all the time you save from not smoking and drinking you can take up a new hobby or interest to fill your time.

60.) Nicotine has been shown to be more addictive than other harder drugs like heroin or cocaine. Quitting shows real courage.

61.) Children tend to look up to and copy what their parents do. Do you really want them to start smoking and drinking because that’s what they see Mom and Dad doing?

62.) By quitting both nicotine and alcohol you lessen your risk of starting with diabetes.

63.) Both these substances lead to an increase in blood pressure. Quitting automatically reduces it.

64.) People who smoke are more likely to contract ear infections than non-smokers.

65.) Smoking and drinking both greatly increase a condition called macular degeneration. Do you really want your brain to be old before it’s time?

66.) Not having to nip to the grocery store in heavy rain or snowfall to massage your addiction.

67.) Stopping smoking for just eight hours means the carbon monoxide in your blood drops to a normal level.

68.) After just twenty four hours your chance of having a heart attack has decreased.

69.) After two weeks your lung function has improved.

70.) After a year, your chance of having a heart attack is that of a non-smoker.

71.) After five years, your chance of having a stroke is that same as that of anon-smoker.

72.) Once you quit drinking, your liver can begin to regenerate itself very quickly.

73.) Stopping heavy drinking reduces your chances of acting and saying incredibly dumb things that hurt people’s feelings.

74.) Your house won’t look or smell like a public bar either.

75.) Your house won’t have yellow walls and furniture.

76.) You’ll be actively able to do something about the smell and look of your house because of all the money you’ve saved and energy you have.

77.) You won’t miss any important moments in the upbringing of your children because you just nipped out for a cigarette or to a bar for a quick livener.

78.) You’ll be doing the environment a favor by not pumping it full of carcinogens.

79.) You’ll be able to sit through a whole movie or episode of your favorite drama or comedy on TV without hankering after nicotine or glass of alcohol.

80.) To learn to be able to say a simple “No” and mean it when someone offers you a drink or cigarette.

81.) You’ll feel liberated.

82.) Quite simply, you want to grow old and enjoy retirement.

83.) You’ll sleep much better at night

84.) You won’t constantly have a feeling of wanting to escape.

85.) You’ll no longer suffer the agitated feeling of a nagging craving that won’t go away.

86.) No more angsty feelings about long haul flights. Not smoking won’t be an issue.

87.) You won’t have to buy masses of matches and lighters and get in a panic when you can’t locate them or you run out.

88.) No more cadging or bumming from fellow addicts and feeling you have to constantly owe them one.

89.) No more being caught out and having to try and cover up what you were doing.

90.) You won’t feel like a criminal anymore for doing something that is so bad for you.

91.) You’ll have the smug feeling of being able to complain about other smokers and drinkers in years to come!

92.) It opens up your employment options. Some companies simply won’t employ smokers.

93.) Some doctors will refuse to see or treat you if you are a heavy smoker or drinker until you sort yourself out.

94.) There are so many good guides and aides out there to help you quit either drinking or smoking that there is no excuse not to.

95.) An initial outlay for a treatment program or self help book can save your life.

96.) If you fall off the wagon it doesn’t mean you’re a failure, it means you’re a human. Get up, brush yourself down and try again.

97.) To be able to eventually inspire others to do the same as you have. Let people know it is possible to quit alcohol and nicotine and come out the other side.

98.) No more forking out a fortune for mints, gum and other things to take the smell or after taste away.

99.) It really is time to do it.

100.) Just like they say in the ads “You’re worth it”.

101.) Living and not dying. It’s really that simple.


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