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Heart-to-Heart for you…

I received a lot of thank you's for the clearing your money shadow gift from Margaret I sent two days ago… You're very welcome =)

Money Shadow was supposed to be the final in the four-part mini-series…

But Margaret had to share a couple things.

So there is one last video

Margaret really struggled with her own business when she first started out.

She almost didn't make it following her heart… She almost didn't make it following her soul's purpose.

She almost had to go back to corporate America, where she could count on that paycheck…and the plump benefits.

But corporate America left her feeling dead inside.

Fortunately she had breakthroughs. She did find the end to her fears.

The “work” – the insights and clearings found in 7 Levels of Wealth Manifestation made the big difference for her.

Margaret and I hate to see you struggling.

We want you to have the success with your soul's calling, whatever that is for you.

Click here for a few more thoughts on the power of tapping and a road map to success… and financial freedom.

P.S. A good many of you are asking about the 7 Levels of Wealth Manifestation.

This heart-to-heart video gives you a few more of the details…and be on the lookout come Monday.

Click here for a little heart-to-heart

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