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How you can begin to attract more opportunities into your life

Before we dive into the topic for today, I would greatly appreciate if you could watch this short video clip and follow the instructions given carefully. I promise that it will be a fun and interesting activity!

Have you watched the video yet?

Please do, because the video is pertinent to and very important for our discussion today. Do not continue reading what I am about to share with you until you have finished watching the video.

Now, let's recap what you were asked to do at the beginning of the video. It appears to be pretty simple – count the number of passes of the ball between the players in the black shirts. How many passes did you managed to catch? 15? 16? 17?

If you were following the instructions properly, you should have a number between 10 and 20.

You would also most likely miss the woman with the umbrella!

Why is that so?

Well, the mind is a very interesting and powerful thing. It only sees what you instruct it to see and blocks out everything else. Putting it another way, what you choose to focus on is what you get!

Have you ever noticed that people who always complain about everything that's going wrong with their lives only get more problems? That's because these people focus on problems!

The Secret (aka Law of Attraction) states that you attract into your life the predominant thoughts in your mind. If you choose to complain and focus on problems, that's what you get! More and more of them! You will miss out on all the wonderful opportunities out there, just like how you missed the woman with the umbrella!

Fortunately, it works both ways. If you choose to focus and look out for opportunities, you will see them everywhere!

Go ahead, quit complaining. Focus on what you are grateful for everyday. You will notice a dramatic change in your life. You will start to attract all the good things you ever dreamt about.

Don't believe me? Ask the woman with the umbrella!

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Bernard says:

Thanks for the demonstration, it’s so clever.
from now, I shall have a new mind set, and I shall focus only on the positive things.

sunanda says:

hey this is super video.
actually we are doing same.
even i was busy in observing only balls not a lady with umbrella

susan kinyagia says:

I could not agree more. I must seriously stop complaining and focus on what is desirous seeing opportunities in challenges. thanks for the insight

dibaei says:

dear sirs,
i could not watch the video , could you please send me again ?
best regard

Araceli says:

Awesome! Yes… I agree. I’ve been working on that very thing… and it’s working wonderfully so far. Amazing. Best. Araceli

Face Natural says:

I’m getting my New Year’s Resolutions together so this is very appropros.

Wahoo says:

Thank you for sharing!

Great blog! Love how you continue the video with discussion on the secret. Keep this coming. It’s lots of fun.

TRcoach says:

I had heard of a similar experiment. And since I was too smart to fool, I noticed the two S’s printed on the wall.I did not notice the gorilla, however. I think its because I was deliberately focusing out the black shirts, which would have included the Gorilla. For me this video is not only about focus but allowing. We can clarify what we want, and focus on what we want but we won’t see it until we allow it. Alot of the time our limiting beliefs are like blocking out the Gorilla, its not there until we allow and then like magic it just appears.
Tom (TRCoach)

Jacklyn Ker says:

Hi SJ, a great video! Truly, we attract what we always focus on! Have you download the free ebook on my blog on “Turn Your Thoughts Into Power”? I strongly believe in the Law of Attraction. Thank you for this post!

Sam Chan says:

Hi SJ,
Thanks for this great post!
The video is so good that I shared with my colleagues without much hesitation.

“Whether you are stressed or fulfilled has little to do with what you’re actually doing, or even the results you are producing. If you’re stressed, it’s a result of where you are putting your focus.” – Anthony Robbins

My post at
may complement this.

Best Wishes
Sam Chan

gaurav jain says:

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If u r also interested then please leave a comment in my blog.

Alan says:

This is an awesome post man!. Thanks for sharing this 🙂

vam says:

thank you!

Great Video and nice post.Oh man Oh man what are the great things that we r missing thats always surrounding us …

Johnny says:

I am a firm believer in the law of attraction, nice post