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Life Directions Intensive Day 3

Ok I actually planned to write a relatively long entry for Day 3 but since I'm really busy with the lunar new year preparations right now, I've decided to just let the pictures (that Auntie Betsy took) do the talking.

Life Directions Intensive Jimmy and Me
Here's Jimmy (right) and me on the evening of Day 2, as we prepare to have a great time.

Life Directions Intensive Jimmy and Me 2
Fun time starting soon…

Life Directions Intensive Dancing
Yes, that's my butt. The guys were supposed to dance for the girls and vice versa. Hmm… I wonder whose hand is that… naughty naughty!

Life Directions Intensive Intense Focus
And now on to Day 3… I was supposed to focus on my mission and vision while everyone else attempted to stop me from making my way towards them. The problem is… I'm unstoppable!

Life Directions Intensive Vision
Shervon, Gubbs, Jimmy and Me showing off our accomplishments

Life Directions Intensive Mission and Vision
My Mission, My Vision and My Battle Scars!

Life Directions Intensive Group Pic
Wild Celebrations!

Life Directions Intensive Group Pic 2
Always celebrate your victories and make them memorable!

Oh one more thing… One of my readers Sion Hui actually recognized and approached me (He's got awesome memory). We ended up having a really good chat. Sion Hui, if you happen to be reading this, here's a shout-out to you! There's nothing better than interacting with other personal development enthusiasts in live events…

Anyway, hope you guys enjoyed the coverage… Feel free to leave a comment =D

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