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Make your own lunch

Make your own lunch
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I heard the following story from Brian Tracy


One day, a construction worker opens up his lunch box at noon break and unwraps his sandwich to find that it contains sardines. He gets really upset and complains loudly to everyone around him about how much he hates sardines.

The next day, the same thing happens: a sardine sandwich. Again, the construction worker shouts and complains about how much he hates sardines for lunch.

The third day it happens again. By this time, his fellow workers are getting fed up with his loud complaining. One of them leans over and says to him, “If you hate sardines so much, why don’t you tell your wife to make you some other kind of sandwich?”

The construction worker turns to the fellow and says, “Oh, I’m not married. I make my own lunches!


Now, I'm sure you got the crucial point that Brian Tracy was driving across – You need to take personal responsibility for everything that's happening in your life!

Quit complaining! You're earning exactly the amount you're earning today because of the choices you have made. You're in the type of relationships you are in because of the exact same reason…

There's no point beating yourself over what has already happened though. Think about it… The fact that you now realize that you “make your own lunch” only means that you can choose to make better lunches for yourself in the future, right?

So what new delicacies are you going to cook up for yourself, in your life?

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malia says:

hey, im good, currently studying in UK. and i make my own lunch(because im damn poor here). HAHA. any good lobang?