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The Virgin Diet Challenge and My US$2,000+ Bonus Package!


For the past 3 weeks, I've been sharing with you several valuable FREE resources from my friend and Celebrity Nutrition & Fitness Expert, JJ Virgin (We've successfully given away 1,000 free hardcover copies of her “The Virgin Diet” book – FULLY REDEEMED – as well as her free “The Virgin Diet Quick Start Guide“).

I've also told you about her companion program to the book, called The Virgin Diet Challenge:

Click here to watch this video where JJ explains what The Virgin Diet Challenge is all about

JJ specializes in helping people to lose weight in a fast, simple and straightforward way. She's helped thousands of clients get results even when they'd given up hope. She's helped celebrities and regular people alike who were told their excess weight, poor energy, aches and pains, and more were just “normal for their age” and they'd have to “live with it.”

If you're serious about losing that extra 10, 20 or 50 pounds, regaining the boundless energy you need to accomplish everything you want to and radically improving your mood and self-confidence as a result of the new changes to your body, I'd highly recommend you to invest in The Virgin Diet Challenge NOW…

Click here to invest in JJ's The Virgin Diet Challenge NOW (then come back to this email to read more about how to claim your special bonuses!)

Because you're my valued subscriber and I really want to see you succeed, I've put together a special bonus package to incentivize you to follow-through with JJ's program and achieve the amazing results that I know you can achieve…

If you invest in The Virgin Diet Challenge from JJ, through my referral link and follow-through with her program, this is what I'm going to do for you…

1) I'm going to feature your SUCCESS STORY on this email newsletter, that goes out to over 55,800 subscribers (+ growing).

Currently, if you were to buy a “solo ad” from me to send 1 email to my subscriber base, it would cost you US$2,000/email. So this bonus alone is easily worth US$2,000!

2) Not only that, I'm going to feature your SUCCESS STORY on our 101 Powerful Affirmations facebook community too (59,883 fans + rapidly growing). I'm not even going to put a price tag on it… but I can tell you that the most viral post on this community garnered over 20,000+ likes!

3) And to top it off, I'm also going to have your SUCCESS STORY up on my blog as well… just because I'm all about celebrating your success… in all the different ways I can…

Are you excited? I certainly hope you are… I know I'm excited just talking to you about this!

How To Claim Your Bonuses

All you have to do is…

1) Click here to invest in The Virgin Diet Challenge NOW (To be fair, these bonuses are ONLY available to those who invest in JJ's program through MY referral link…

If you bought the program through one of MY previous emails, you qualify too…)

2) Then IMMEDIATELY forward your receipt (together with your current photo – which would serve as your “before photo”) to:

3) Take all the time you need to go through JJ's The Virgin Diet Challenge and when you're ready and satisfied with the amazing transformation you've made, send me your “after photo” and your story of triumph and we'll coordinate on featuring you and celebrating your success story in my email newsletter, facebook community and blog.

In case you haven't already noticed, I've deliberately structured my bonus package in such a way that you won't just invest in JJ's program and forget about it… I REALLY want you to work it… Do what she suggests, get the awesome results I know you're capable of getting then come back to me and scream “I did it!”…

Alright, let's get you started…

Click here to watch JJ's video and invest in The Virgin Diet Challenge NOW

I'm looking forward to celebrating your success story!

To Your Success,
Yee Shun-Jian
Founder and Chief Happiness Officer,

P.S. JJ has priced her program ridiculously low (It's NOWHERE near the value of the bonuses I'm throwing in) because she really wants to help as many people as she can. And I'm offering my $2,000+ bonus package to you because I want to help her help as many people as I can.

Plus there's a solid 100% money back guarantee so you risk nothing. If achieving the body, vitality and health you desire is NOT just a WISH, but a MUST… then I'd highly encourage you to…

Click here to watch JJ's video and invest in The Virgin Diet Challenge NOW

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