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101 Tips To Get Out Of A Rut And Regain Your Motivation

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It’s tough to get anything done in the world today, we’re all so busy and it’s so easy to get distracted.

If you’ve been putting off losing weight, finishing a big project or getting something done, help has arrived!

Here are 101 tips to help you get out of a rut and regain your motivation

1. Exercise! Take a walk, go for a short run or do something to get your blood moving.

2. Get some fresh air. Even if you just step outside for 5 minutes, fresh air can help your brain get moving again.

3. Stretch. While you could stretch sitting down, get up and do a full body stretch at least every hour.

4. Take a deep breath. If you’re feeling that tense feeling, just take a deep breath or two.

5. Use a timer. If you’re having trouble getting started, set your timer for 15 minutes and work on as much as you can in that amount of time.

6. Have motivating quotes around you. There are tons of motivating quotes online that you can print and post around your house and work area. We actually have a buzzing facebook community called 101 Powerful Affirmations <- Feel free to join it now and get inspired and rejuvenated by our daily postings =)

7. Get the easy stuff done. If you’re having trouble getting started, just do the easiest thing you have to do.

8. Work towards a reward. Plan rewards at every step of the way. There should be little rewards throughout the work and a big reward after you’ve achieved your goal.

9. Write down the consequences of not getting it done, don’t threaten yourself though! Threats can paralyze, just focus on what will happen if you don’t get it done.

10. Write a detailed list of what has to get done. Write out every little step that has to be done to accomplish the goal. It will be easier for you to see what you have and haven’t done.

11. Set deadlines for each thing that has to get done. Setting deadlines can give you a point to focus on and help you better structure your time.

12. Celebrate after you finish something. It’s important to remind yourself of your successes, so don’t be afraid to celebrate after you’ve reached your goal.

13. Make a smaller list. Sometimes the to-do list is just too daunting. So write smaller, more manageable lists-lists you can actually accomplish in the time you have set.

14. Start something. Just do anything to get moving, preferably something that will help you achieve your ultimate goal.

15. Make a plan. Don’t just write your to-do list, make a plan for how you’re going to accomplish each thing on the list.

16. Take small steps. Just do one little thing at a time to help you accomplish your goal; those little steps add up!

17. Stop comparing yourself to others. What one person can do versus what you can do doesn’t matter. Just focus on what you can do and doing it well.

18. Take a nap. Sometimes what you need most to get motivated and refocused is a nap.

19. Keep a list of the things you’ve done successfully. Maybe it’s a folder that you keep in your top drawer with a list, pictures or cards that remind you of what you’ve completed. When you’re feeling low on motivation you can look at the list and be encouraged.

20. Get daily inspirational and motivational emails. These types of emails are a great way to start your day.

21. Have spiritual habits. Being spiritual and taking time to meditate, be in nature, read spiritual articles and books and spend time with other spiritual people will help you be more positive and motivated.

22. Have an accountability partner. Work with or talk with someone who knows what you’re doing and can check up on you.

23. Make changes. If something isn’t working, don’t keep pushing through; make changes that will help it happen easier.

24. Surround yourself with encouragement. These could be little sticky notes you post around your house and workstation that remind you what your goals are and how awesome you are.

25. Do something creative. Doing something creative like a craft or drawing can help stimulate your brain and re-motivate you.

26. Do something else that has to get done. If you can’t get what you’re supposed to get done, do something else, don’t just sit there!

27. Take lessons and learn to be better. Go back to school or take a class online or at a local community school or adult education program. Some education can help you be faster, smarter or more efficient.

28. Change your attitude. Decide that you’re going to do what it takes.

29. Get support by outsourcing. If you put off doing something because it just takes you too long, take it off your plate and give it to someone who excels at it.

30. Don’t fear mistakes and failures. If you’re stuck because you are worrying constantly about whether you’ll actually be able to meet your goal, understand that mistakes and failures are not only normal and healthy, they’re often the quickest way to success.

31. Stop yelling at yourself, think positive. Every time you yell at yourself you crush a bit of inspiration, so think inspirational rather than yelling.

32. Finish what you start. Do it all at one time. Don’t start and stop and try to pick it up again later. Finish the whole thing, or at least the section you’re on before you stop or take a break.

33. Dream big. If your dreams are big they will keep you motivated.

34. Use affirmations. These great phrases like “I am always led to the people who need what I have to offer” can help you stay focused.

35. Use afformations. You’ve heard of affirmations, but have you heard of afformations? Created by Noah St. John, they help you stay focused by asking better questions like “Why am I magnetically attractive to the best people on Earth?”

36. Be persistent. Don’t give up just because you ran into a problem or two.

37. Be patient. Sometimes it just takes a little time to get into a rhythm.

38. Play music softly in the background. It may help to have soft music in the background to help you focus.

39. Get organized. This is one of the biggest obstacles and causes for success. If you’re organized it will be much easier to be motivated and get things done.

40. Be confident. Approach your goal with confidence and you’ll likely find you have more motivation to get it done because you think you can!

41. Have fun and make it fun. If you’re not enjoying what you are doing, it will be very hard to get motivated.

42. Read books and articles. You will be motivated by the stories and accomplishments of others, and may learn a new trick or two!

43. Take a break. Physically move away from what you’re working on for just a few moments to recharge and get refocused.

44. Fix the conditions. If you’re struggling with motivation, maybe it’s because you’re working in an unmotivating location. Try working at the library or in a different place in your house, or moving your office around.

45. Only do what you’re good at. If you’re not motivated maybe it’s because you’re not good at what you’re trying to do. Because you don’t excel at it, it’s much harder to find the motivation to get it done. Agree to do the things that you excel in and leave the other things to those who enjoy them.

46. Put your best foot forward. Start where you’re most comfortable and in your strongest area. If it helps you to approach a challenge one specific way, do that.

47. Do one thing at a time. Multi-tasking can derail your motivation. It may feel like you’re getting more done, but it’s not helping you stay motivated.

48. Work with a coach. A coach can help you determine what motivates you and help you stay focused on those areas.

49. Listen to empowering audio programs. If you don’t have time or the ability to read something, listening to an audio program, seminar, teleseminar, or webinar is a great way to help you discover the motivations in you.

50. Have dreams. Know where you want to end up someday, or at least what you’re aiming for.

51. Go where you want to-live on purpose. Living with purpose easily gives you a direction in which to move, and the motivation of knowing that what you’re doing has a purpose.

52. Determine the price you will pay. No matter what you’ll pay a price. You do have the choice of what price you will pay to accomplish your goal.

53. Set SMART goals. Set goals that are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-bound.

54. Plan for obstacles. You will probably face at least one obstacle while working towards your target. Planning for those obstacles can help you keep your stride and motivation when you reach them.

55. Feel the outcome. Visualization is one great way to keep you motivated, sports stars and celebrities have attributed it to their success.

56. Commit. Don’t give yourself wiggle room. Make a firm commitment to doing what it takes to reach your goals.

57. Implement the plan. A plan is no good unless you actually implement and follow through with it!

58. Track your progress; you’ll stay on task and on target.

59. Be thankful. Feeling, thinking and expressing your thanks will help you stay positive.

60. Read your goals out loud. It may sound silly, but saying your goals out loud can help them seem more real and give you more confidence.

61. Have a vision board. A vision board is simply a visual representation or collage of the things that you want to have, be, or do in your life. Creating one can help you stay focused.

62. Chew gum, it will keep you focused and moving.

63. Know when you work best. Don’t work when you know you’re tired or in the mornings if you can’t get up.

64. Face your fears. Think of your worst fear, or a big one, and do it. If you can face your big fears, you’ll be able to get this job done.

65. Get a fresh perspective on the challenge, either by looking at it from different perspectives, doing some research to see what others have done, or asking a friend, family member or coach.

66. Take a risk and do something you’ve never done before.

67. Talk to yourself in the mirror. Another funny suggestion, but one that can help you really see yourself accomplishing your goal.

68. Motivate someone else. Go out and do a good deed or help someone else with their problem. Their excitement and motivation will fuel yours.

69. Have special tools like a pen, pencil, pad etc. that you only use for projects. If you get to use the “special pen” you’ll be in the mindset of getting stuff done.

70. Go to a coffee house. When you pay for your large cup of coffee or tea, you’re paying to do your work. You wouldn’t want that money to go to waste, so you’ll feel motivated to get something done.

71. Pre schedule when you’re going to work. Actually writing down when you’re going to get things done can help you focus and plan ahead.

72. Remove distractions. Turn off loud music, shut the door, ask your family not to disturb you, and turn off your cell phone and email.

73. Prioritize. Do what has to get done first, first. Don’t put it off even if it’s harder.

74. Just do it. Sometimes this is just the best thing you can do is to stop putting something off and just get it done.

75. Tell someone about your progress. Hearing someone else’s excitement over your progress can motivate you to keep going.

76. Set clear goals. Sometimes a goal is not enough, it has to be specific in order for it to seem real and attainable.

77. Eat something. With all the work your brain may be hungry and food can be a good distraction and motivation to help you stay focused.

78. Reduce stress. If you’re stressed out it will be hard to get, be or stay motivated. Reduce your stress by doing yoga, taking deep breaths and avoiding people who stress you out.

79. Avoid negative people and naysayers. If you’re committed to a goal but some people in your life aren’t, they will do their very best to destroy your motivation.

80. Understand why you procrastinate. If you find yourself procrastinating a lot, figure out why you’re not feeling motivated. Maybe you’re scared, are worrying about other’s opinions or need help. Discovering your sticking point will help you move forward.

81. Generate many different ideas and ways to reach your goal. If you can see the many approaches towards your goal, it can help you find the motivation where before you just felt that there were no options.

82. Believe in yourself. If you don’t actually believe you can accomplish your goals, you won’t. Believe in yourself and your goals.

83. Stop when it’s time to stop. It can be tempting to just keep pushing because you’ve got the motivation and you’re in the swing of things. Stopping while the going is good can help you be more excited and motivated when you come back to it next time.

84. Don’t fall into old habits, keep moving forward. Your old habits can crush your progress. If you see them creeping back in, stop them before they cause massive destruction and eliminate your motivation.

85. Dress for success. Get out of your PJ’s and actually get dressed as you would if you were the top individual in your field. If you’re the top runner, dress like one. If you’re the top CEO, dress like one.

86. Be consistent and set a pattern. Motivation will be easier to find if you are consistent with the time and place you work on your goals.

87. Balance. Living your life from a place of balance can make it easier to find motivation and live a motivated life.

88. Do it when you’re ready. Some things just have an ideal time, and rushing it or putting it off too long can not only make it more challenging to do, you won’t have the motivation to get it done right either.

89. Watch less news. News is one of the best ways to get depressed. Watching only a little news or no news at all can instantly increase your motivation in life.

90. Take before and after pictures. A picture is worth a thousand words it has been said. Your “before” pictures can motivate you to have great “after” pictures.

91. Discover your “why”. If it’s not clear why you’re doing what you’re doing, motivation will be elusive. Have a reason and passion for what you do and what you’re trying to accomplish.

92. Don’t dwell on criticisms. There will always be someone who can point out what you did wrong, or that something isn’t perfect enough, let them have their opinions, and you focus on your goal and motivation.

93. Money is a great tool for motivation. Every time you accomplish a step towards your goal put a predetermined amount of money in a jar and when you’ve accomplished your goal, treat yourself to something special.

94. Remember the good. Focus on what you’ve done right and the steps you’ve accomplished thus far.

95. Start early. Getting an early start to the day can help you maintain the motivation, or at least have more time to get things done.

96. Do it quickly, and then come back and do touchups, add details and make sure everything is written well.

97. Break it down. Looking at the whole big project or package can be intimidating. Breaking it down into steps or parts can renew your motivation.

98. Make mistakes. You’ll be more motivated in the long run to get it right after you’ve worked through your mistakes.

99. Drink something. Tea is my favorite, but you may find that coffee or water helps keep you focused and motivated.

100. Do what you can actually do. Don’t waste your time and precious energy doing something you can’t complete or should be left for someone else to do.

101. Begin with a win. Do something you know you can finish and do well, to build your confidence. Then move onto your big goals.


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