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Why it’s crucial for you to have an Accountability Partner

Accountability Partner, why you need one

When you are working at a business, it can be very easy to go off track or become distracted. It is difficult to stay focused or do those things that you really do not like to do. Some people overcome this by creating a set schedule or having a daily routine, but successful people recognize the need for an Accountability Partner.

The impact your accountability partner has on you will differ depending on what ground rules you have. You may want someone that gives you more feedback and take a more direct approach, or someone that gently guides you when you start to veer off course.

People are different, and that has an impact on what you will get out of an accountability partner. The important thing is to recognize that you must choose an accountability partner that you respect, will listen to and that will really hold you accountable. Anything less than these attrributes is a waste of your time and theirs.

What an Accountability Partner Does

An accountability partner holds you responsible for the actions you take or should be taking. This is not a disciplinary practice, but more like something that is used to help you grow and learn from your experiences. When people work on their own, they can miss key points because they are buried underneath so many other things.

An accountability partner is not involved in the day to day work and can therefore look at what you are accomplishing. The accountability partner will ask questions and based on your answers will provide constructive help and in some cases hold your feet to the fire when you aren’t doing what you are supposed to be doing.

An accountability partner helps you see the importance in several things while offering advice on how to improve upon what you have done. By keeping you on track, your partner is able to help you get the extra perspective that wouldn’t be possible to do on your own. Your partner will have years of experience that you wouldn’t be able to gain unless you took the same amount of time to do so. Instead, use your partner’s knowledge to avoid pitfalls and take your business to the next level. Therefore choose a strong accountability partner that can provide knowledgable help and not just someone to ask what you are doing.

An accountability partner holds you accountable for the things you have scheduled to do. The accountability partner does not allow you to avoid what you don’t want to do, but instead keeeps you focused on getting those things done. The accountability partner needs to be strong enough that you cannot intimidate or snow them.

How you can benefit by having an Accountability Partner

While some people don’t want to admit that they need to partner with someone, there are several benefits that come from working with an accountability partner. Once you get over the fact that you don’t know everything there is to know about business, the sooner you will be able to learn about the essential tools that are needed to make you successful. It is human nature for us to avoid those tasks we really don’t want to do, but are important. Accountability partners are especially critical to the success of those that work for themselves.

Even though there are differences as to what you and your accountability partner will obtain when you work together, there are some benefits that are sure to appear when you have an accountability partner.

Some of these include:

• Being more responsible due to being held accountable
Wasting less time and accomplishimg more
• Expanded vision gained through multiple perspectives
Lower stress levels
• Gain knowledge and experience from a well choosen accountability partner
Keeps you focused

These are just a few of the benefits that can come from working with an accountability partner. Truth be told, there is an infinite number of benefits that you can obtain when you really start to click with your partner.

Team Up with an Accountability Partner and Grow

As you can see, there isn’t really any negative aspect to having an accountability partner. The only negative thing that comes from it is that you can no longer make excuses and drag your feet.

There are countless testimonials that praise accountability partners and what they can do for your career. For those that are seriously considering becoming successful in the business world, having an accountability partner will help you achieve your goal at a faster speed with much more knowledge than you could on your own. See what opportunities are out there for you by meeting with an accountability partner today.

You must keep in mind that once you make a decision to have an accountability partner you must have the mindset of being teachable and listen. If you ignore your accountability partner then don’t bother having one. This is critical. That is why it is so important that you commit yourself to having an accountability partner and that you choose one that you respect and will listen to.

Make sure you also select an accountability partner that knows what this is and preferably has some experience being either an accountability partner or a mentor in the past. The more experienced your accountability partner is the more benefits your will derive.

Qualities of a good Accountability Partner

Just like it is important for you to be committed and listen to your accountability partner, it is equally important that your accountability partner is committed to your success. Choose an accountability partner that has the following attributes:

• The time available to devote to your success. This is variable but they cannot be someone that is so busy in their own endeavors that they have no time for you and your business.
The desire to help you.
• They are willing to make a commitment to mentoring you
They are willing to hold your feet to the fire and not just placate you. They have the personality to confront you when you are not doing what you should be doing
• They have experience as an accountability partner or a mentor in their past. It is important that they understand their role.

If you choose a good accountability partner, and make the commitment to listen to them, you will find your overall performance will excell and you will accomplish far more than you thought possible.


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This article was contributed by William J. Lee. Growing up with a father as a mechanic, William has always loved and now actively follows the automobile industry. In particular he focuses on Toyota dealers and Toyota dealerships.

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Kevin Kaiser says:

Yeah I think that would work out great that way. Thanks.

Kevin Kaiser says:

Great Post Yee. I like the idea of the accountability partner, but how are they compensated? Should there be any benefit to the accountability partner besides the “good-feeling” that comes from helping out a friend?

That’s a very good question Kevin…

I think the best way is if both of you are accountability partners to each other… In that case, you have the incentive to help each other reach your goals =)