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How To Permanently Shift From A Poverty Mindset To An Abundance Mindset

How To Permanently Shift From A Poverty Mindset To An Abundance Mindset
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Many people feel that once they have hit the level of poverty, that they are doomed to be stuck there forever. This really does not have to be the case, especially if you are willing to simply make a few key changes in the way you view things. You would be surprised at all of the differences you can make in your life, both within the present and the future as well, just by changing your thought pattern. It really is that simple.

Make A Decision

The first thing that you have to do is to decide that poverty no longer interests you. You are not going to be held down by that label and it is not a state of being that you wish to take part in any more. Make a decision of where you ultimately want to be at financially in a year, in two years and in five years from now. Write down your goals and think of some steps that would be able to help you achieve your goal.

Relieve Yourself Of Depression

Believe it or not, a vast majority of those in poverty also suffer from depression. It could be that the poverty causes the majority of the depression or that the illness of depression itself causes poverty. Either way, if you are in poverty and suffering from depression, you will find that it is a vicious cycle that is almost too hard to get out of.

If you believe that you are currently suffering from depression, whether it is extreme depression or just a mild case of it, you are going to have to make sure that you are seeking out the help of qualified professionals.

When you are free from the heavy weights of depression that is probably doing a lot to hold you back, you will find that you will be better able to get your finances and more importantly, your mindset, in order. You will be free to think clearly and positively about your future!

Take Advantage Of The Law Of Attraction

Have you ever noticed that rich people hang out with rich people or that the successful people hang out with others who are successful? Then you have those in poverty, who are stuck in the poverty mindset, who hang out with people who are in the same state? This is not always a chosen path. This is because there is such as thing as the law of attraction. You get back what you put out, both the positive and the negative so this is something that you are going to want to keep in mind at all times.

Have you ever heard of the saying, “birds of a feather flock together”? This is a popular saying because there is so much truth to it. If you want to start socializing in a more upscale crowd, you have to start thinking in a “richer” mindset, instead of staying in the poverty mindset that you are in. You will be amazed at how quickly things can change for you when you start hanging out with a different crowd. You will automatically start feeling better about yourself and your future in a very small amount of time.

Stop The Over Spending

Many people feel that when they are able to buy all kinds of little odds and ends that they are putting themselves in a position of feeling as though they are not so poor. The thing is though, the wealthy are not spending their money left and right. They are saving it. They are paying off debt and they are investing it.

When you receive your paychecks, your first goal should be to take care of the monthly expenses you cannot go without, such as your rent and utilities. Then, you are going to want to take anything that is left over and start applying it towards paying off revolving debt such as credit cards, student loans and car payments. The more you think about putting your money to work for you, instead of always working for the money, you will be able to pull yourself out of the poverty mindset.

Focus On Positive Personal Changes

Can’t afford an entirely new wardrobe? That’s okay, you might be able to afford one or two better outfits than what makes up the majority of your closet. Do your hair and nails. Get a professional makeover. Wash the car and get it smelling better. Clean the clutter out of your home. Start acting and feeling as though you already have money. Fake it at first if you have to. After a while, you will find that you will not have to fake it for much longer. You will start to become the person you have been envisioning yourself to be.

As you can see, there are a lot of changes that you are going to have to implement in order to make sure that you are pulling yourself out of the poverty mindset. When you are able to do this successfully, you will find that a lot of great things will start coming your way. This is the natural order of things. Positive outlooks on life attract positive outcomes.

Surround yourself by like-minded individuals and you will be surprised at what you can transform into. It will happen so gradually and it will seem so natural, that you won’t think twice about it. You will suddenly find yourself out of the poverty mindset and you will be reaping the benefits of that.

So what are you waiting for? Start making a difference in your life! You will be able to do so many great things for yourself and your family by simply changing the way that you think. And before you know it, your friends and extended family might pick up on the positive changes you have made and they will start doing the same for themselves! The sooner you start the positive changes in your life, the sooner you will be able to sit back, relax and really take advantage of all of the wonderful things that are offered in life.


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