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5 simple public speaking techniques to help you influence your audience

Eric Feng's Get to the point book launch

So, if you haven't heard, my buddy Eric Feng‘s got a new public speaking book out! It's called “Get to the point” and is ideal for speakers who want to learn how to present with more confidence and charisma in front of any audience.

Now, I have known Eric for close to 7 years already… (time flies!) and he's absolutely the real thing when it comes to delivering a killer presentation. I remember how he used to wow everyone with his engaging presentations in the NUS computing lecture theatres back in our uni days… so much so that I told myself I had to get him as a project partner if I ever got the chance (which, thankfully, I did… because we got an A+ for our project!)

Well, anyway, Eric invited me to his book launch recently and sent me a signed copy of “Get to the Point” so today I'm going to share with you 5 techniques/tips from the book that you can use immediately in your next presentation to get your audience to do what you say!

1) Repeat your key point in many ways

Repetition is one of the proven ways to help people learn. When we repeat something, we are suggesting to our audience that the concept/point is important and they should really pay attention to it. Eric suggests we repeat our key points in different ways (through stories, examples, demonstrations, videos, poems, paraphrasing etc) so as to make it more interesting and engaging.

2) Use this power word – “Because”

In “How to influence anyone to do anything“, I wrote about Dr. Robert Cialdini's 6 weapons of persuasion. One of them is of course telling people WHY you want or need them to do something… because psychological experiences have shown that people are more likely to respond positively if you just give them a reason to do so… even if the reason doesn't actually make sense! Now, how about that?

3) Leverage on the principle of consistency

Cialdini also mentioned that people would usually act in a consistent manner to what they have previously agreed to so Eric suggests asking questions and getting your audience to say “YES” to you at least 3 times early in your presentation… then linking back your key point (supported with well researched evidence and clear benefits) to those 3 YES's for maximum effect.

4) Address all objections

Delivering a presentation is like making a sale. You are selling your audience to agree with what you've said, to ponder about what you've said or to take action based on what you've said. In order to do that, you need to do research to understand your audience's wants/needs/dreams/desires so you can anticipate any objections and handle them before they even have a chance to say “but…”

5) Tell a story

Stories are one of the most effective persuasion tools. Think about it… when people start to tell us a story, what do we do? We go into a different state… we don't try to argue or put up resistance because we know it's just a story and that's where the magic happens… We reflect on the story and take away lessons that are useful for our lives… Instead of telling someone what to do, why not tell them a story about how another person, just like them, achieved success by doing that very thing you would like them to do?

Now, I hope you found these 5 tips useful… Remember, it's not about knowing… it's about applying… Do your best to incorporate them into your next presentation and see what happens…

By the way, if you are interested in more public speaking tips like the ones I just shared with you, you can download a free chapter of Eric's Book at or pre-order the book here (please note that the book is currently only available in Singapore)

All right, take care, have an awesome week and I'll write again soon =)

Yee Shun-Jian

P.S. Feel free to use my 101 Powerful Affirmations, together with Eric's tips, to help boost your confidence for your next presentation!

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Katie Brandt says:

Congrats to your buddy on the new book and GREAT tips – I would actually title your article Killer Tips instead of simple – #2 using the word because is SO powerful as is telling stories – powerful insights – thanks!

NP Jara says:

Very good tips! I love #3 the best where you wrote about “getting the audience to say “YES” to you at least 3 times early in the presentation”. I will try that next time and see how much it would make a difference to my presentation. Thanks!