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A Special Message From My Good Friend Santa Claus [VIDEO]

Merry Christmas to all my blog readers and subscribers at and everyone at our 101 Powerful Affirmations Facebook community, especially all my admins and sponsors!

YES, we did it… We achieved my original goal of 10,000 ‘likes' by Christmas (2 months from the date I set the goal)…  FYI, the current ‘likes' count for our Facebook community is 11,343 ‘likes' and in this short span of time, the powerful affirmations and quotes from our positive facebook community have been seen and shared over 4 million times! =D

I want to take this opportunity to announce all the contest winners for the 101 Powerful Affirmations Facebook Positivity Movement Contest as well…

Here they are…

Winners for Quantum Confidence with the Morry Method System (worth $299.95/each):
Arjuna Devi
Diane Williams Lewis
Jasmine Loh

Winners for Power of Conversational Hypnosis (worth $197/each):
Poh Kia Li
Shay Jordan
Wendy Chin
Farita Reyes

Winner for Mind Movies version 2.1 (worth $97):
Linda Noel-Duquesnel

Winners for Mindzoom Subliminal Affirmations Software version 2.0 (worth $47/each):
Elsie Belanger
MaHa KaYani
William Ronquillo

Winners for Pelmanism Powers (worth $37/each):
Michelle Neo
Tiffany Roberts
Kashauna Sanders
Prince RB
Sylvie Boucher
Krissa Torres
Diana Drew
Susan Zernicek

Winners for Quantum Success Secrets (worth $37/each):
Tamie cox
Roland Yeo
Hemla Wilson
Shar Dee
Sharon Bolger

Congratulations to all our winners! You will receive an email soon with details on prize collection.

Once again, I want to take this time to wish all my friends, family, loved ones and beloved blog readers, subscribers and everyone at our facebook community a very Merry and Blessed Christmas…

Hope you enjoyed the video from my Good Friend from the North Pole…

You guys rock… Enjoy the festive season! =D

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