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11 Painful Life and Business Lessons from 2011

I'm not ashamed to admit it… 2011 has been one hell of a roller coaster ride for me.

This is the year I almost went bankrupt; discovered who my true friends are; And experienced the Love of God as well as kindness, love and hope from complete strangers.

This is also the year I achieved my goal of touching at least a million lives by the time I hit 30; Started a facebook community called “101 Powerful Affirmations” (based on the eBook I wrote by the same name) with the intention of making a positive difference to the world and built up a following of more than 10,000 fans in 2 months; And quadrupled my personal development email newsletter subscribers from less than 5,600 in Dec 2010 to over 25,000 now, allowing me to touch more lives with each and every message I send out.

What I'm going to share with you today is something that I've not made known publicly previously. It's something only a few of my close friends know. And although I still feel a little apprehensive sharing it, I believe ultimately that this is going to benefit anyone who has ever experienced massive success and gotten complacent (a highly dangerous position to be in) as well as to prevent anyone from making the same mistakes I did so here goes nothing…

I know many of you know that I've gone from oweing a 5 figure debt (in 2007) to making a 6 figure passive income from internet marketing (in 2009). I've talked about it in my 101 Powerful Affirmations eBook and this is an achievement that I've always been proud of.

What you may not know is that I've lost almost all of that money (and more) very recently… in August 2011 to be exact… and am back to a position where I've taken on a 5 figure loan/debt again (the irony of life! LOL…)

This was what happened…

Lesson 1: When you've achieved a certain level of success, you tend to get complacent. And that complacency is what's going to lead to your downfall.

In August 2011, the US debt-ceiling crisis happened.

And it wiped out almost my entire life savings.

What happened was that I took a huge risk/gamble by over-leveraging my stock positions in Bank of America (BAC) and another stock I was trading in (GMR). I thought that stocks would definitely rally after the US has increased the debt ceiling so I took on multiple contra positions and the worst part was I left the positions open while I went on holiday overseas.

This backfired on me.

When I got back from my mini-vacation, I found out that Standard & Poor's had downgraded the credit rating of US government bond (because they thought the US government's decision to raise the debt ceiling took too long) and this caused the US Stock market to plummet.

I lost more than US$100,000 in a matter of days.

I believe I landed myself into such a situation partly because of greed but mainly because of complacency.

I had let the financial success I've achieved from internet marketing get to my head… and probably believed that just because I am good at making money from one field/area, it means that I was good at making money in general, from any type of venture/investment I took on (like Stocks and Trading). This episode proved that I was DEAD wrong.

And I paid a heavy price to learn this lesson.

Lesson 2: Never rely on just one major (income or traffic) source/person

2011 hasn't been the best year for me, financially speaking. Besides the stock losses which wiped out my savings, I was also coping with several business challenges.

One of them was that my google adwords account got permanently suspended, for no reason.

I was not the only one affected. Many internet marketers have had a similar experience and google wasn't very helpful in their response to the whole saga.

On top of that, the affiliate accounts generating me the most money were hacked… and I stopped receiving money from these accounts (They were 5 figure/month accounts)

I still receive passive internet income from other smaller streams but not as much as what I was getting before.

What I've learned is that unexpected things and situations happen all the time in life and in business, and instead of placing blame or getting upset about it, we just need to adapt. I've switched to using facebook and other sources to generate FREE traffic (what a blessing!). And for the ultra-profitable 5-figure/month affiliate accounts, I can't get them back since they were hacked but I'm gradually exploring other options and independent affiliate programs. With the internet marketing skills I have accumulated over the years, it's just a matter of time before I build up my internet business back to its former glory again.

Lesson 3: Stay away from toxic people. Surround yourself with positive people that lift you up.

When you lose almost everything, you realize who your TRUE friends are.

At that point (in August 2011), because the prices for the stocks I bought went down so fast and so much (coupled with the fact that I was contra-ing), cash flow became a major problem.

I had enough money to pay off the losses but most of my money were stuck in my Paypal account (It takes at least 5 days for money to be transferred from paypal to my Singapore bank account and I had to settle the losses in 3 days).

So I did what anybody would do at that moment – I called up close friends to ask for help.

I explained the situation and made it clear that I just needed a loan for a couple of days… and I asked this girl whom I thought I could trust if it were possible for her to make a loan to me if I needed it (if my paypal funds did not get transferred on time). She asked me to let her know the amount so she can decide and I told her I would get back to her.

I called her back but she didn't pick up.

I then texted her to let her know that it's alright… my paypal funds came through and I had settled my losses.

And I thought that was that.

Little did I know that some time later, she would use this against me, in a bid to smear my reputation (Her network is also made up of many successful multi-millionaires and many mutual friends)

She was saying that since I make so much money from internet marketing, why would I even need a loan and even resorted to name-calling saying I'm a liar etc. (When I had clearly explained the reason why)

Bear in mind that I didn't even borrow any money from her… I just asked if it were possible for her to make me a loan.

Anyway, I'm no longer friends with that girl… and no, I'm not going to mention names.

A mutual friend asked how I'm coping with this entire episode. I told him that betrayal hurts but I'm learning to move on. I wish this girl the best in whatever she does.

Lesson 4: Debt may not necessarily be bad

Actually, I'm thankful for my US$100,000+ losses from stocks speculation.

It humbled me by dealing me a hard slap on my face, “waking me up” as well as allowing me to see who my TRUE friends are.

Throughout the time when I was feeling really down, I'm glad I have other friends who have always stood by me… like my best gal friend Elsie Tay Lee Ping.

She was the one who introduced me to “Balance/Funds Transfer”. Basically, it's a relatively cheap way of getting a short term loan.

My standard Chartered Credit Card Limit is $26,000 and I managed to get a 6 months $25,000 loan (through Funds Transfer) for only 1% or $250.

This really helps me a lot with liquidity.

I have reinvested part of the money into the US stock market but this time I'm more cautious, having learned from my painful lesson. I'm only investing in proven stocks that have generated me positive results in the past and I watch over my portfolio like a hawk now.

As a result, I've been able to gradually reduce my overalll losses….

This is what my portfolio looks like now (It used to be +$30,000+ before the crash in August):


Debt is not always bad. Used wisely, it can be a pretty good form of leverage. As I mentioned before, it was the 5 figure debt that I took on in 2007, that has allowed me to invest in seminars to improve myself which resulted in the 6 figure income I accumulated in 2009.

Although it seems like I'm in a similar situation now like I was in 2007 (-ve 5 figures -> +6 figures -> -ve 5 figures), in reality, I know I'm at a different level now because I've grown so much and accumulated so many skills and I'm confident I will gain back what I've lost and more in due time.

Lesson 5: Your (life and financial) decisions don't only affect yourself. It affects others, like your family members

When I lost almost my entire life savings and was only left with 3 figures in my bank account some time this year, I actually wasn't feeling particularly upset.

Somehow I just know that I already have a 6 figure/year mindset so I'll definitely be able to make the money back and more, in time to come.

Also, almost all of the income that I've earned the past few years were passive income… which I didn't trade time, blood, sweat and tears for… so losing the money didn't have such a major impact on me.

However, when my mom found out what happened (I told my dad about it but asked him not to let my mom know but he did anyway), she freaked out and went on a hunger strike.

If you wanted to throw money down the drain, you might as well have given it to me for safe-keeping!”, I remembered her saying.

I tried to explain to her that obviously my intention of putting money into the stock market was to grow it and I had no way of knowing about the impending market crash (else I would have sold off all my stock positions way before that).

Seeing her acting out in this way pained me and for the first time, I felt the pain of losing the money and the consequences of my rash financial decisions.

I usually bring my parents out at least once a week to watch a movie or have a good meal and because of my financial situation, my mom told me it's not necessary for me to continue doing so. She said… We can do so in future when you get your business and finances back up again.

I just told her “No, don't worry mom, God will take care of me. I will never go hungry, I will never live in lack. I don't know how to explain to you but this is what I believe. And life is what happens NOW. Not in the future. I can't be sure about the future… I can only be sure of what happens now. And right now I want to bring you to watch a good movie and eat a good meal like we usually do. You don't have to worry about the money. Everything will be taken care of

Lesson 6: Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish

Now I finally understand what Steve Jobs meant when he said those wise words… Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish

The reason why I managed to get out of a 5 figure debt in 2007 to earn a 6 figure income in 2009 was because I was HUNGRY in 2007. I had left my job… I had gotten myself into a 5 figure debt (so as to pay for personal development seminars), my father was critically ill and I needed to make what I was doing (internet marketing) work. There was no other way than to succeed!

Then after, I've made the money… when I was enjoying 5 figure passive income cheques every month, I lost the hunger. I became complacent. I was traveling almost every month and partying every week. I steered away from my life mission of touching as many lives as I can so as to bring more love, hope and joy to the world.

Losing (almost) my entire life savings in August 2011 woke me up. It changed my entire perspective on money and on life. I decided to get back on track to fulfill my life purpose. I got hungry again and foolish as well. I know my first priority is to help people. Making money would come as a natural consequence… as long as I focus on giving massive value to as many people as I can… because money is ultimately just an exchange of value.

Lesson 7: Don't be afraid to go after your dreams, in spite of ridicule, criticism, possible humiliation and/or fear

This was one of the main driving forces that prompted me to set up 2 facebook communities (Free Daily Christian Affirmations and 101 Powerful Affirmations) in mid September 2011. My goal was to revolutionize facebook and make it more positive. I also wanted to have some sort of a forum/place where my subscribers would gather to motivate and inspire each other and share positive affirmations/quotes with each other and brighten each others' days.

In end October… I set a ridiculous goal… I told everyone I wanted to achieve 100,000 likes for 101 Powerful Affirmations in 2 months (by Christmas). My goal all along is 10,000 ‘likes' in 2 months but I have always heard you need to put another ‘0' behind whatever numeric goal you set… so I did… I even went back to my alma mater, NUS to give a talk about my goal. Some people thought I was crazy… others criticized me and asked what's the intention behind my goal even though I have already explained it many times. But I didn't care… I just pressed on… I was eating, sleeping, dreaming, talking, breathing 101 Powerful Affirmations.

By 15 Dec (before Christmas), we achieved my original goal of 10,000 ‘likes' in 2 months (by Christmas). As of this moment, the community has garnered over 12,000 likes and the positive affirmations and quotes there have been viewed and shared over 5 million times…

These are some of the testimonials I have received… (Click on image to enlarge… Post updated with recent testimonials)



I'm so happy that I have inspired so many people within such a short time. I'm also thankful for all the help I'm getting from complete strangers who believed in me, believed in the cause I was promoting and jumped on board to help me man 101 Powerful Affirmations.

Lesson 8: Thank God for Insurance

Not many people know this but I actually got into a car accident on 17 October 2011. I'm still going for treatment every now and then and my neck and back hurts every day. But I just pray every day that “By his stripes, I am healed”.


I've chalked up quite a huge bill from all the medical expenses. [Medical Bills Chalked up in a single visit ($756 in total)]

Thank God I am covered by insurance. If you live in Singapore and you want to get insurance (especially personal accident plan), please feel free to get in touch with my good friend and insurance agent Elsie Tay at +65 90995550

Lesson 9: My wealth is not measured by how much I have in my bank account but how much I've invested in my financial mindset

A person who has a lot of money in the bank but who's not prudent with it can lose it very easily (as I have shown you).

A person who may not have much money in the bank currently but who has the right mindset will accumulate the amount of money that's in his mind in time to come.

I'm not afraid to admit that right now, I may not in the best financial shape physically but mark my words, that will all turn around pretty soon… =)

Lesson 10: Be willing to invest in education/coaching no matter what level you're at

This is related to the previous lesson. I realized that no matter what level you're at now, you still need to invest in education/coaching so as to get to the next level. The most important thing you can ever invest in is your mindset because it's going to pay back multiple folds.

Lesson 11: Be grateful every day

Finally, be grateful every day for every thing. I'm very thankful to all the people I've attracted into my life as a result of starting 101 Powerful Affirmations… especially to all my ANGELS (my admins). I'm thankful to God for the lessons I've learned this year… and for providing for me so that I need never worry. I just do my best and God will do the rest.

I am thankful for the amazing results I've gotten this quarter… which I have mentioned in the beginning of this blog post.

Proof that Shun Jian Quadrupled his email list in 2011 and added more than 10000 new subscribers in one month (Dec 2011)

2012 hasn't even started and it already looks set to be my BEST year ever. I have already secured two $200/hour Internet Marketing coaching clients for the first week of the year (excited to groom them into IM superstars!) , been invited to give talks and network with students/industry leaders from my Alma mater (NUS), received countless JV proposals/offers etc.

I know this has been a really long blog post and if you're still with me, I thank you for taking the time to read it. I hope you will seriously learn from the mistakes I've made (and not make them yourself) and I hope you have been inspired by how I've turned adversity into opportunities to close out this year with a positive ending.

Goodbye 2011 and Happy New Year 2012… I hope to inspire you more in this coming year =)

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Sharon says:

Shun-Jian, WOW…… truly you are an inspiration to me! I can so totally relate to your story and I thank God, I did not give up by His grace and His amazing Power He surrounded me with. And though now I am going through some more changes and transitioning I know God is there for me again and that first and foremost I keep focused on my highest vision for myself and allow it to manifest in an easy and relaxed manner, with perfect timing, in a healthy and positive way! In the healthiest way for the Highest good of all involved I am in acceptance of this or something better!
You are so full of compassion with a HUGE heart to help others and you can tell by sharing your story and how open your heart is. This is the beginning– recognizing our mistakes, releasing them in forgiveness and love to ourselves, others and God and then moving forward to manifest all that is you desire to help expand this wonderful universe we live in. You have fulfilled this and I too see all your wealth return in riches that are more glorious than you had before!
Much love to you,
Standing In Faith,

meg says:

FINALLY, someone who is BRAVE enough to tell us the WHOLE truth about abundance and internet marketing and business in general. It does have its ups and downs, and many successful business people have experienced the hunger but don’t want to talk about it like you have done. Bravo to you and use this as an opportunity to replant seeds and grow again….(with honesty and integrity)….you’ll be travelling again soon….all the best!

Sharina says:

hi Yee Shun-Jian
i am so grateful for your 101 Powerful Affirmations – this has been shared with friends. This has a huge impact on my belief system.
i am so inspired by your true stories of painful life & business lessons. many firends and family will use u and your success to get what they can out of you, but when the tables are reversed they reverse out of your life with top speen. i say Karma is good, as they will learn their own lifes lessons as we have a head start so we know what to do when they are going tru their experiences.
2012 is going to be a wonderful year for me. i know it,i believe it and i claim it.
with abundance of love, light and laughter, be blessed
Sharina Puran
South Africa

Melody says:

Thank you for being so open and honest with us and allowing us to learn from your mistakes it’s refreshing.

so many internet marketers have the attitude of faking it til you make it and never talk about the problems they’ve faced.

I’m sending you love and light from here in the UK and I know this year is going to be the BEST!! I am newly embarking on my internet journey and look forward to sharing our success at the end of this year.

Sheyi says:

Hey, I just listened to the video over there… love your intonation… lol

Joe Rubino says:

Thanks for sharing your powerful lessons and insights that will support your wisdom and empathy levels for the rest of your life.

Robin says:

Shun Jian,

What a poignant blog post. Thank you for sharing both your heartaches and triumphs. With your attitude and perseverance 2012 will surely be your year, and many more after that.
Lessons 1 (complacent) and 3 (toxic people) were my favorite points.
Keep being positive and hope your health continues to improve.

Thank you for your paypal donation in support of this blog post, Robin! =)

I believe Everything happens for a reason and all the setbacks and experiences I’ve gone through recently are perhaps necessary to humble me and prepare me for a greater level of success in 2012 =D

Michael Lee says:

Very well said, Shun Jian. Many people’s lives will improve by following the principles you stated here. Hope you get a full recovery soon and I wish you the very best of success this New Year and always! You deserve it!

Thank you Michael!

God bless…

Naseema - Cape Town says:

Thank you very much for writing the 101 powerful affirmations !!!

Its the absolute best i’ve come across so far and absolutely love the way you’ve phrased them…thats why people love them i guess!

Thanks again and wishing you a speedy recovery (will ask the angels to help)..

PS> don’t forget to call on them to help you in any way you need coz the golden rule is that they cannot help unless you ask.

Wishing you unlimited health, wealth and blessings in 2012 and beyond!

Rainbow blessings,

Thank you Naseema… I’m so happy you enjoyed my 101 Powerful Affirmations eBook and that it has inspired you and made a difference to your life =D

God bless… and I pray that your blessings for me would be returned to you multiple folds… and since it’s “unlimited”, we will both enjoy unlimited blessings =D

Peter D Johannesburg RSA says:

Thank you for sharing your story
There is much for us all to learn
I certainly will be spreading these lessons far and wide
God Bless you

Thank you Peter for your prayers for me…

God Bless you too!

Sheyi says:

Shun Jian, this means alot to me and it really encouraged me as well. I love the Lesson 7: Don’t be afraid to go after your dreams, in spite of ridicule, criticism, possible humiliation and/or fear.

How is your health now? By HIS stripes, you are healed and God will continue to be with you too. It is well with your soul!


Kathy says:

Hi Shun Jian,
Happy New Year. I know you will do well because you have a positive mindset. Thank you for your candidness in revealing the ups and downs in 2011. Keep being positive and thanks for the tips. You inspire me. 🙂

Mark says:


Thank you for sharing these deeply personal situations of loss. The situations and lessons learned have definitely touched my life. I could choose to regard 2011 as a “bad” year for a couple of situations not so different from yours that have taken my net value from break-even/positive to negative. Your words made me realize that our situation isn’t as bad as we sometimes make it seem. And, if we believe that we will be fine and we can learn from the situations we will be stronger in the long run for having the experience.

May God richly bless you,


Diana Drew says:

Hi Shun Jian,
I was so moved and touched by your honesty, humanity and pureness of spirit. I never realized what a humanitarian you really are. You REALLY are about making a difference for people. You are the real deal and what a refreshing share you gave. Wow! I am honoured to know someone like yourself. Sometimes when people seem “too good to be true” I can get skeptical. You really are that “good, kind person” that I see in your words online. You also inspire me in that your imperfections are worn with humility, dignity, courage, honesty and learning. I like who you are as a person. I like what you stand for. Honesty is such a rare trait to see nowadays that it takes a lot for me to trust. I really see you are honest and that looks so attractive on you Shun Jian. You inspire me. You are a leader. You are someone who practices what they preach. I really like that. And I like that you are human/imperfect and not afraid to admit it. I like you without all that money. You have so much more. You have potential, smarts, awareness, hands-on knowledge, success mindset, etc. I could go on. I am so thrilled to witness greatness. You are the Nelson Mandela of the internet to me. Noone can be the same after they interact with you or hear your words. You are the real deal. I am so inspired by who you are not by what you do, although I know that what you will do will be a result of who you are and who you are is so wonderful!
Cyber Hugs, Diana

Diana Drew you don’t realize how much this means to me… I’m at a loss of words as to how to reply you… I’m really moved by your testimonial… by your encouraging words… Thank you so much for this gift… For affirming that what I (choose to) do makes a (positive) difference…

I’ve always known how powerful words are… 101 Powerful Affirmations was born out of that knowledge… I know that if people were to replace their negative self-talk with powerful, empowering affirmations, it would transform their lives… because that’s what happened for me, personally…

Today you made me “re-realize” the power of (positive, encouraging, sincere) words. My eyes welled up with (happy) tears when I read the message you left me. Thank you so much, Diana… THANK YOU!

punitha says:

dear shun-jian, hi. I look forward to read all your posts in fb. They make me a stronger person. You don’t know how much you have done to uplift strangers in many ways. May god bless you always. Thank you.

Thank you Punitha, for letting me know that what I do makes a positive difference to YOU. I’m just doing my part to make the world a better place… in my own way.

We are all born for a reason and I believe that mine is to touch as many lives as I can, so as to bring more love, hope and joy to the world… I’m so grateful to God for giving me the opportunity and blessing me with the resources to do that…

Thank you for your testimonial. May God bless you and watch over you and your family too =D

Lester says:

Hey Shun-Jian

It’s great to have read this sharing of yours, truly inspiring. As always iterated by my partner Aiden, mindset is one of the most important thing you need to have, as an enabler of success. You have demonstrated to us how the wrong mindset and complacency can get one totally out of track.

And with regards to Point 3 – betrayal, I think it’s okay to let an ordeal helping you to see thru some people who wanna break you rather than to help you.

All the best!


Thank you bro… I think the people who can relate most to this blog post are the entrepreneurs.

When we fall, we just have to extract the lessons, pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off and start moving forward again and that’s just what I’m doing =)

All the best to you and Aiden for 2012 too… Looking forward to working with you all soon =D

Jia Bin says:

Hey Shun-Jian,

Thanks for being honest and truthful, we all go through tough times, and sometimes it can come just in a flash of a day or so…

I totally agree with the point about not relating to any toxic relationship, cos I’ve been through that and now am also undergoing some aftermath, which is not convenient for me to disclose here, and it’s the past anyway 🙂

I don’t know if this helps u but I was reading Isa 43 and thought it was somewhat a revelation… Just saying that whatever we go through, we will still be pretty much ok although our external circumstances might say no 🙂

Keep on keeping on, this year is gonna be a year of favour (learned from your church pastor, haha)

God bless and have a blessed 2012!

Jennifer Rodriguez says:

Thank you for sharing this with us. I realize how personal all of this must be for you but you
shared it in the spirit of helping us all learn and showing us that no matter what level we are at, we are always learning and growing. I know 2012 will be your best year ever! Keep us informed of your progress and know that we are all ROOTING for you! We in the community are your REAL friends!!
God Bless Yee!

Thank you Jennifer… Yes, you’re right… This is very personal indeed and I really considered for a long time whether to publish it.

But since I know this would help many people and it’s not necessary for everyone to lose US$100,000 each to learn the lessons I’m sharing… why not, right?

Thank you for your well wishes. I’m receiving all the blessings =) Will definitely keep you guys updated on my progress!

Ealy says:

Hi Shun Jian,
Thank you for being so transparent and honest about your life!

Because you’re sharing your trials with your followers, I feel it only serves to further inspire them as you rebound and walk your talk!

Wishing you the best and a Happy New Year!

Warm Regards,

Thank you so much Ealy…. I was really thinking long and hard whether to share this… Look likes I made the right choice… I’m glad I can be an inspiration to you =)

Thanks for sharing.

Your mindset WILL make it very easy for you to come
back. I look forward to perhaps meeting you on my
next visit to Singapore.


That will be an honor, Willie! =)

BTW, Willie, update me on the book project. I’m very interested!

Judy says:

Yee, thank you for sharing this post. It appears your subconscious mind is sabotaging your progress. I feel that embedded deep within there is a fear of money. Many people accumulate wealth and then lose it through this fear they are not aware they have. They have the wealth and yes, some do become complacent, however, they lose it (the wealth) because they’re scared of losing it then they regain it only to lose it.

I think a good session of cleaning and clearing would do the trick for you to cleanse your subconsious mind of the deep seated negativity that lies therein. I feel also that the loss interim between every two years is underneath as well. We create our past present and future so we cannot blame friends, government or associates for what we have created in our life. Adversity is temporary and so behind every failure is success and behind every success is failure. It is a By God Law. The lessons we learn along the way are there for us to see our life ‘Situation’ as it is Not our life. Living now in the present, not the past or future will remedy all worry and bring peace of mind in its place.

A well written blog. Here’s to your massive success in 2012.

Hi Judy,

Great points. You’re probably right… I need to explore more on that to see if it’s true.

And I agree with you… Never play the Blame Game. I learned that back in 2007.

One of my friends actually called me up after the crash to ask if I bought a stock she recommended. I said yes and she immediately became very apologetic.

I told her not to worry, it’s not her fault. I didn’t do my due diligence and the decision to invest was all mine. I couldn’t possibly blame her for it. She was so relieved to hear that.

Successful people take 100% responsibility for their actions. That’s one of the best lessons I have learned =)

Hi Shun Jian,

You’ve had quite a wild ride in 2011 and it’s really inspiring to hear how you’re dealing with all the challenges and keeping your faith.

I wish you all the best in 2012 and I have no doubt that with the kind of mindset that you have, you’ll bring back your glory in no time.

I noticed that your subscription rate skyrocketed by almost 13,000 subscribers from Nov to Dec. Could you share with us how you achieve that with a future blog post?

I’m sure many of your readers would be interested as well.

Thank you very much.

Have a kickass 2012!



Hi Mark, Thanks!

You’ve been following me almost right from the time I started this blog 4 1/2 years ago right? (July 2007)

So I guess you must have seen most of my ups and downs as well… Well, when we fall, we just need to pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off and start moving again and that’s what I’m doing…

That blog post, where I explain how I doubled my subscriber base from Nov 2011 to Dec 2011 and added almost 13,000 email subscribers, would be a better fit for my internet marketing blog. But then again, I’ve been too busy IMPLEMENTING so I have not updated that blog for a long time.

I’ll probably do a WSO or something. I’ve yet to do one and 2012 seems like a great year to start. Have you done a WSO before? Mind sharing your experience (if you have)?

Have a blast of a year too… Let’s make 2012 our BEST year ever!

ROB SAM says:

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2012 to you Mr.Yee and your family.GOD’S best be yours in 2012 and beyond.I pray for your recovery and overall health.GOD is GOOD.HAVE a blessed 2012 and thanks for your gifts and help I do appreciate it.Rob.

Thank you so much… God bless you too and have an awesome 2012!!!

Linda says:

Bravo Shun Jian for posting this personal story of loss and triumph. I know it took a lot of courage and your generosity in sharing an emotional story is huge. I can certainly relate as I have had very similar experiences to yours. It is very true about knowing who your friends really time of need, whether emotional support or financial. I choose my friends very carefully, but mostly I have learned through the years to rely on myself.
Please allow me to take this opportunity to thank you for this personal post and to wish you and your family much prosperity, good health and happiness in this coming new year of 2012. I am a believer that out of diversity always comes good..even if it just means that you are wiser. Many Blessings.


Lois says:

Thanks for your sharing. Keep trusting God! He is faithful to see you through all the ups and downs of life!

God bless you in 2012!

In 2012, I’ll do my best and let God do the rest…

Sending you my blessings too =D

Kia Li says:

V touched by ur sharing. Wish u all the best in ur health, wealth & overall well-being. Thanks for all you’ve done.

Thank you Kia Li and thank you for the suggestions you sent me by PM on facebook… Let’s discuss more there… Cheers!

Elizabeth Oei says:

Feel so blessed that I have the chance to read this amazing blog post, and I feel touched when u said ” A person who has a lot of money in the bank but who’s not prudent with it can lose it very easily (as I have shown you).

A person who may not have much money in the bank currently but who has the right mindset will accumulate the amount of money that’s in his mind in time to come….

Thanks for sharing Shun Jian..
Keep up the good works and motivate others..

Warm Regards and big hugs !!

Thank you Elizabeth… You’re awesome… *hugs*

Abhishek says:

All the best .

Thank you Abhishek… =)