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101 Tips For Better Hair, Skin And Nails This Summer

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With the Winter months behind us and the move to longer daylight hours, more sunshine, warmer temperatures and blue skies, our thoughts turn to getting ourselves in shape so we can look great on the beach or simply feel more confident bearing our flesh.

Previously in this series we looked at ways to a slimmer, healthier and more beautiful you, but that’s only half the battle! Once we’re in shape we need to look at ways of getting glowing skin, healthy locks and perfectly manicured nails so we can face the world looking groomed and polished.

Taking a little care over our appearance can make the world of difference to how we feel on the inside as well as the outside.

Here are 101 tips to follow to make this a bit easier and get you prepared for the coming months.

1.) Don’t try and tackle all your personal care issues at once. Look at one element of your skin, hair and nails first and when you’re happy, move to the next.

2.) Look at your skin closely and take notice of how it appears. Is it dehydrated? More oily? Are you seeing fine lines? Take note of any concerns and see whether your current skincare regime is dealing with them. If not it may be time to change.

3.) Warmer months call for light-weight skin products to prevent oiliness and shine. Think about investing in a matt moisturiser and skin primer.

4.) Cream formula foundations may be too heavy for this time of year. Try switching to a tinted moisturiser or a mineral powder foundation to help your skin breathe.

5.) Use a high factor sunscreen. Anything over SPF 30 should be applied to face and body during the day and reapplied in very extreme temperatures.

6.) Use an Aftersun product after any kind of sun exposure. This will help keep your skin hydrated and firmed.

7.) Drink plenty of water. In addition to the waters found in refreshing fruits and salads, aim for six to eight glasses a day. This will help to flush toxins from your body and keep your skin clear and your mind alert.

8.) After showering or bathing, apply a lightweight body moisturiser to slightly damp skin. This will lock in moisture and stop your skin from becoming parched.

9.) Your eyes frame your face. Have your eyebrows threaded or professionally plucked to make them neat and tidy.

10.) Breakouts can be more common at this time of year; products containing Tea Tree Oil can be really beneficial to help control them.

11.) Exfoliate! Aim to use a body scrub once a week and to exfoliate your face twice a week. Slough off those dead skin cells and reveal fresh, glowing skin.

12.) Once you’ve exfoliated, use the opportunity to fake tan, if you don’t like sitting out in the sun.

13.) If fake tanning seems like too much hassle, choose a ‘gradual glow’ body moisturiser or face cream which will develop slowly over a few days.

14.) Keep up with hair removal!

15.) Take an Omega 3 supplement to help plump out and brighten the skin. The essential fatty acids in the capsules will do wonders to help fight signs of ageing.

16.) Zinc can also be a useful supplement for skin, as it helps to boost healing.

17.) Ensure you get your beauty sleep.

18.) Feed your skin, alongside taking supplements look at getting plenty of fresh fruit, vegetables and lean protein.

19.) Never forget to moisturise the delicate eye area. Choose a lightweight gel formula eye cream that hydrates.

20.) Always keep your eye cream in the fridge for an added cooling, refreshing boost.

21.) Apply your face cream in upward strokes to lift and support the muscles in the cheeks.

22.) Apply your eye cream only using your ring finger, this is the finger that uses the least pressure and will not damage the skin.

23.) If you’re a make up wearer, use a setting spray. This will stop it melting or slipping off during the day.

24.) Cleanse your skin twice a day. Even if you don’t wear cosmetics, your skin will pick up pollution and grime that needs to be removed to prevent dullness.

25.) A face mask can be a refreshing way of deep cleaning to skin once or twice a week. It will help to remove impurities and keep the epidermis toned.

26.) Lymphatic drainage can be hampered during warmer weather. Use gentle massage to keep the skin supple and the blood flowing properly.

27.) Smile! It uses fewer muscles to break out a grin than it does to frown.

28.) Bronzing products add a little healthy glow to the face; apply to the apples of your cheeks, the jaw line and décolletage.

29.) Now is the time to think about a new hairstyle. If you’ve been thinking about a change, take the plunge and get the cut you’ve always wanted.

30.) Heat can make hair lank. A good clarifying shampoo can help to keep your hair from being too oily.

31.) Humidity can cause frizz in curly hair. A hair serum, applied before air or blow drying can help to ease this.

32.) Keep your hair trimmed, every four to six weeks get the dry ends cut off. Hair grows quicker in warmer weather.

33.) Don’t have your hair colored just before a holiday or if you’re going to be lying in the sun a lot. Sun causes color fade and lightening.

34.) Use a specifically designed shampoo and conditioner for color treated hair.

35.) You can buy products with sunscreen in, specially made for hair and scalp. Invest in one to help the condition of your locks.

36.) Hair loss and breakage are on the increase because of regular use of styling tools like straighteners and tongs. Try to limit your use of them.

37.) Use a hair treatment once a week. One of the best is good old fashioned Virgin Coconut Oil. Full of essential fats and nourishment for the hair. Use as a pre-treatment, leave for a few hours and shampoo out.

38.) Only tie hair up with covered hair bands and not elastic. Covered hair bands are gentle and less likely to cause breakage.

39.) Swimming can cause chlorine damage to the hair in the Summer. Protect it with a swimming cap.

40.) Invest in a paddle brush. Gentle on your hair, it will not pull, tug or break it as you detangle.

41.) After washing, only detangle with a wide toothed comb and work from the ends to roots to prevent splitting.

42.) Protein rich foods are wonderful for strengthening hair. Include eggs, oily fish and lean meat into your diet to help hair grow stronger.

43.) Wear a hat and cover up your hair in the heat, to prevent damage and color fade.

44.) Exercise and movement is a great way to encourage healthy hair growth as it encourages the blood to flow round the body which in turn gets the nutrients to the scalp and hair.

45.) Scalp massage is a wonderful means of reducing tension in the body and also encouraging the natural oils to moisturise the hair.

46.) Heat can sometimes encourage problems like dandruff. Instead of buying harsh anti dandruff shampoos, simply add a drop of tea tree oil to your regular shampoo to help it to clear.

47.) Try a new hair color or speak to your stylist about a new shade. Breaking free from your usual choices can really give you a lift!

48.) Some people are very sensitive to commercial hair dyes and colors. Look into trying a natural alternative like Henna, Indigo or Amla to give condition and beautiful color.

49.) B vitamin supplements can be very useful to help with hair growth and condition.

50.) Manicured nails are a real confidence booster. Whether you do them yourself or go to a salon. Treat yourself once a week to a nail pamper session.

51.) Nail condition is often neglected. Moisturise your nails as much as you would your face. Use a good quality hand cream with natural oils and an SPF.

52.) Condition your cuticles with almond oil, one of natures best strengtheners.

53.) Only use nail strengtheners as a last resort. Look at diet and getting moisture into the nail bed first.

54.) Weak nails respond to calcium, ensure a good uptake of dairy products and take a calcium supplement if necessary.

55.) Keep hands and nails protected and out of water as much as possible. Wear household gloves for cleaning and gardening.

56.) Age spots on the hands can be greatly reduced by taking Zinc.

57.) Ridges and spots on the nails are common issues caused by damage to the nail plate. You can cosmetically erase them with a buffer and ridge filling base coat until they grow out.

58.) Invest in a crystal nail file, these are kinder to the nails than emery boards.

59.) If you have to trim your nails, use clippers rather than scissors as they are more precise and less damaging.

60.) If possible try not to remove cuticles. They are there to stop bacteria and germs entering the body.

61.) If you have problems growing your nails, use gentle massage on the nail bed with a hand cream. Stimulating this area can promote rapid growth.

62.) Gel/acrylic nails can sometimes be a way of keeping your nails protected until you can grow them. Consider these as a way of preserving your natural nails temporarily.

63.) Spring clean your polishes! Throw away anything that you haven't used in years and invest in a few really good quality colors you will use repeatedly.

64.) A simple base and top coat can really make all the difference to a manicure.

65.) Go with what suits you rather than trying to follow trends. Short, clean well cared for nails are infinitely preferable to making yourself miserable trying to be in fashion!

66.) Don't forget your toe nails!

67.) A weekly pedicure can be very relaxing and also allow you to spend some time looking after the hardest working part of your body.

68.) Use a foot scrub to remove hardened skin and help to soften calluses.

69.) Use only clippers and a crystal file on your toenails.

70.) To keep the skin in tip top condition, apply a rich foot lotion in a thick layer and wear cotton socks in bed to help the cream penetrate.

71.) Do the same for your hands too!

72.) Let your feet breathe wherever possible. Keep them smelling sweet by using antibacterial insoles in shoes.

73.) See a podiatrist straight away if you think you may have any foot problems like in growing toenails, corns or verrucas. Left untreated these things can be very uncomfortable.

74.) Foot massage can be very relaxing and calming. Take time out to gently rub your feet and get the blood flowing to the muscles properly.

75.) The same goes for your lower legs and calves. These can feel the strain in warmer weather. Use a cooling light body cream and gentle massage to relax the tension.

76.) Arnica is a very useful product to have in your beauty and first aid kits. It helps with minor bruises, skin irritations and is a calming agent for skin that has been knocked.

77.) The same goes for Aloe Vera. In gel form this wonder healer is perfect for burned exposed skin that needs cooling and refreshing.

78.) Invest in some Propolis gel which is perfect for irritated acne prone skin and can calm rashes and help heal.

79.) If you're regularly applying make up, keep your brushes clean to prevent build up of bacteria. Once a week clean all your equipment in mild shampoo and warm water and allow to air dry.

80.) Less is more in the warmer months. The less make up and skin care you can use the better. Keep your routines simple.

81.) Wear an SPF even if it is cloudy. You can still be affected by UVB rays without the sun.

82.) Wait at least 15 minutes before venturing out after you've applied your sun cream. It has to bind with your skin to be properly effective.

83.) Use the Aussie rule of sun protection. Slip on a t-shirt, slap on a hat, slop on the sunscreen.

84.) It is always better to buy a separate SPF than to rely in one in your skincare. These tend to only last for 30 minutes or so, a proper SPF will last you hours.

85.) Take regular shade breaks to protect your skin from the glare of the sun.

86.) Kill two birds with one stone if you love to sunbathe and use a hair mask at the same time. A little heat will make it penetrate better, your hair will be protected and when you rinse out your hair will feel super soft.

87.) Take a tablespoon full of cold pressed olive oil into your diet every day for a boost of skin loving nutrients.

88.) Olive oil makes a great, no fuss skin cleanser if you're on a budget. Simply massage in to damp skin and watch it melt away grime. Wash off with a warm, damp muslin cloth.

89.) Rosehip oil is packed with super anti ageing antioxidants. Use two drops on a clean skin underneath your moisturiser for glow-ability.

90.) Argan oil is a great multi-tasker. This can also be used as a skin moisturiser and a hair mask, as a styling product and as a soothing after sun.

91.) One of the best ways to ensure glowing skin is to make sure your digestion isn't compromised. Keep up your intake of fiber rich foods.

92.) A supplement such as milk thistle will help gently cleanse your liver, which can sometimes lead to dull looking skin and eyes.

93.) To de-puff tired eyes, simply put two teaspoons in the fridge for a few moments, then place them over your closed eyes and relax for a moment or two.

94.) Blueberries are full of anti-oxidant compounds. Include these in smoothies or fruit salads for an anti-ageing skin boost.

95.) Limit the amount of alcohol your drink, it can dehydrate your skin and body. If you are going to drink, alternate alcoholic drinks with plain water to counteract it’s effects.

96.) The same goes for smoking, it can not only affect the skin but make the hair and nails appear yellow and discolored (not to mention the other, worse health problems it creates). Cut down, or better still stop completely!

97.) Skin or nails that have been discolored by the sun (or anything else) can be brightened up by simply applying a little Zinc Oxide ointment as a mask and leaving for twenty minutes or so.

98.) Vitamin E capsules, taken whole as a supplement can help the skin recover its lustre.

99.) Similarly, splitting open a Vitamin E capsule and applying to your skin and nails can offer a great (and affordable) moisturising boost.

100.) Biotin is a super B-Vitamin that can help hair and nails grow strong and long. Find it in eggs, chicken, leafy green vegetables and nuts.

101.) Eat three Brazil Nuts every day! Rich in Selenium, they will also help condition your skin, hair and nails really well.


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