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Happy Mothers’ Day!


It's Mothers' Day… and today I just want to pay tribute to a very special lady who has been there for me all my life.

Now I didn't come from a well-to-do family… In fact, I come from a lower middle-income family… And as I was growing up, I watched as my parents literally strived to make ends meet while trying to provide the very best for me and my sister.

My mom is one of the most amazing women I know. When my dad fell sick and was diagnosed with Churg-Strauss Syndrome, my sister and I were still studying. In order to pay for dad's really expensive medical bills, my mom took on 2 jobs.

I barely saw her then… She was hard at work to ensure that my dad could get the very best medical care and treatment he needed and to ensure that my sister and I would be able to continue going to school without any disruptions. We lived through some very hard times… and if not for my mom's persevering spirit, I don't think my family would have made it to where we are today.

The one precious life lesson I learned from my mom is to never give up, especially when the going gets tough. I apply that constantly in my entrepreneurship journey. If you've been on my newsletter(s) for quite a while now, you'd probably have read how I went from 5 figure debts to a 6-figure income… lost it all because of one bad financial decision… went back to 5-figure debts and built it back up all over again.

Yes, my 101 powerful affirmations played a big role in that. But I have no doubt that if I didn't have a strong-willed, amazing role model like my mom, I'd probably have thrown in the towel when I hit rock bottom.

Today is Mothers' Day and I just want to acknowledge my mom for all the sacrifices she has made for me and my family and her unconditional love for us. I LOVE YOU, MOM… Thank you for everything!

I hope you've enjoyed this blog post. Now, I'm just wondering…

What's one precious life lesson you've learned from your mom and how have you applied that in your life to become the person you are today?

Leave a comment below to let me know…

Happy Mothers' Day once again… =)

To Your Success,
Yee Shun-Jian
Founder and Chief Happiness Officer,

P.S. Feel free to share this blog post with your friends and loved ones to get them to reflect on the one precious life lesson they've learned from their moms =)

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