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Can Obama Deliver? Unbelievable Poll Reveals…

Last week, I came across an interesting USA TODAY/ Gallup Poll. It seems that there are stratospheric expectations for Obama.

A majority of those surveyed say Obama will be able to achieve every one of 10 major campaign promises. Every. Single. One.

I don’t want to dampen hopes, and I’m not quoting this to make any predictions. But reading this poll just made me think to myself…

How come it’s easier for people to believe in someone they haven’t met to make change in their lives, and yet… they find it so hard to believe in themselves?

Isn’t it time you believed in YOURSELF to make the change you want to see?

PS: The poll also shows that 7 in 10 predict the nation will be better off when Obama’s term ends in four years.

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I also agree that I have confidence in Obama. But I have realistic confidence. Just as I cut Bush slack for things, there are some things we as a nation must understand and cannot expect Obama to be superman. He will deliver to the best of his human possibilities. And for those that elected him into office because they thought he is Superman are very misled and will be disappointed in some aspects. I do believe however have confidence that he will do a lot of good for our nation.

Zack Zufelt says:

I have confidence in Obama. However time will tell on what he delivers.