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The Donald Trump Secret To Beating The Recession

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Now I know that for one reason or another, you might have been hesitant about this in the past. Well, it's natural to feel that way. Especially when the economy continues to crumble away, and you feel the need to save every penny for that rainy day.

But I'm writing to tell you that you can break away from the cycle that society has conditioned you to believe. The cycle of EXPECTING that rainy day to come… and well, manifesting that rainy day.

Take Donald Trump for example.

Donald Trump
Photo by WalkingGeek

In 1989 the effects of the recession left him unable to meet loan payments. By 1991, his increasing debt left him bankrupt.

Had Donald Trump given up and allowed the recession to control his actions, he'd probably just sell everything he owned so he could collect as much cash as possible.

Instead, he persevered, believing whole heartedly that there was another way and he didn't need to play it safe.

Thus, by 1997, with new projects underway, Donald Trump resurged, and by 2007, Forbes valued Trump's wealth at $3.0 billion.

So, there is no reason to hesitate. Because you don't have to let the recession control your destiny. You are in control of your destiny.

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Don't accept the recession. Beat it. And go for the life of your dreams. You have nothing to lose, and only a secure, happy life to gain.

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