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Change your thoughts and you change your world

In an earlier post on how you can begin to attract more opportunities into your life, I talk about the importance of focus and perspective with respect to the law of attraction.

As I was stumbling through some pages yesterday, I found a video that encapsulates the essence of what I wanted to bring across. Now, they say that a picture is worth a thousand words. What about an enlightening video?


Enjoy the following video and let me know what you inferred!

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firoz says:

great video

Shosh says:

What you resist – persists! Thank you so much!

Vinay Gupta says:

“Happy New Year 2010”

Debbie says:

Brings this to mind:
“Change the way you look at things, and the things you look at will change”
Awesome video – thank you!

Great interpretation, Kathy!

Shun Jian

Kathy says:

My impression was that if we let the cares of this world worry us to the point of anger our troubles will increase rapidly. If we allow God to work in our lives we will enjoy, peace, security and abundance and the worries of this life become little more than an annoyance.

zane says:

i inferred in the video that if you only allow someone or something -not interrupting them- to work or come in your life, things will surely go on smoothly…

Lori says:

oh I really liked that

a great repersentation of what the mind can do, if we really want to

Leandro says:

Great site! shows that everything can change, depends only about how inpired you are…

KP says:

This is a great video. I like the animation and I like the philosophy it is teaching me.

Thanks for sharing it.

Tah Groen says:

Love the cartoon! At first as the flies were multiplying I thought he should have been tolerant of the first fly now look what he did…then as it progressively got “worse” that was when the truth and beauty came into his awareness…. so in essence the self inflicted situation created the maximum learning: the process becomes the liberation…..
I sent you a fruit juice! Enjoy

MDB says:

This video is awesome. I had to include it over at my site as well, it has such a great meaning.

Sam Chan says:

Our mind is a “Thoughts Factory”. It can produce either positive or negative thoughts. Our thoughts control our life. But we control our thoughts.

Thanks SJ for this nice video that illustrate this point (Change your thoughts and you change your world) very well.

Best Wishes
Let’s Acquire Wisdom and Live with Passion

Robyn says:

Hello, I discovered you through the Personal Development List. Hope you do well as you share pointers for personal development with recent grads.

Tricia says:

Hello. Nice video… Patience and endurance can bring you through hard times. That what i see… Lolx. Btw, read through your web. Its really nicely done. Good luck!

Great site! I added you to The Personal Development List. Please write a post and add your favorites to the list.

Al says:

Great video! At first I thought it was a humor video, but it really has a good message about frame of mind (and zen, if you’re into that like me).

rene says:

wow, great video. Changing your thoughts can really change things huh. That’s the law of attraction.