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Detoxifying the body, My 10 day Vegan Diet Experience

As promised, I will be sharing my recent experience of being a Vegan for 10 consecutive days. Now, the first reaction I get whenever I tell anyone about my vegan diet is surprise/shock/amazement and the common question “Why? Is it for religious or health reasons?” naturally pops up.

If you have known me for some time, you would most likely express the same sentiment. I was what you would consider a “carnivore”. I hated vegetables and would painstakingly pick them out from my food before I start eating. So you can imagine the look on my friends' faces when I told them about the vegan diet!

My dramatic change came about due to a combination of compelling reasons. As mentioned previously, I was introduced to the Health Wealth Paradox and it was a wake-up call. I realized that in the pursuit of my financial goals, I was neglecting my health and subjecting my body to overwhelming stress and abuse. “You don't love yourself!” my good friend, Jimmy said to me one day, after yet another gastric attack. That was when it hit me.

It was time for me to take massive corrective action.

I went online to do research on vegan diets, juicing and detoxification and decided there and then to embark on a new diet free of meat, eggs and dairy products for at least 10 days.

The first 3 days were all right. I had different fruit and vegetable juices in place of my usual meals and even started an exercise routine. Temptation kicked in on the 4th day, which was also the day I met the beautiful girl at the ice-skating rink. I met up with Jimmy for dinner and found out the food court we were at did not serve vegetarian food. Reframing the experience, I told myself, “Great, there is a HUGE opportunity here!”

We went ice-skating and I forgot all about my hunger (Maybe it was because of the chance encounter with Miss Ice Skating – yes, I still don't know her name yet). Then as Jimmy and I were leaving, we walked past two fast-food restaurants. There they were – KFC on the left and McDonald's on the right. The smell of fried chicken and burgers filled the air and it was just so tempting. That was really a test of my perseverance. “Resist!” I walked quickly towards the exit as I imagined myself having a healthy bowl of salad with ice-skating gal.

My good friend, Jimmy. Why didnt I snap a pic of the ice-skating girl?
My Good Friend, Jimmy. Why didn't I snap a pic of the ice-skating girl?

By the 7th day, I was more or less used to my vegan diet. I met up with Ashley and her hubby in Sentosa to walk their two lovely dogs. They invited me over to their cosy home in Pasir Ris and we had dinner by the beach with 2 more friends. Ashley, being the darling that she is, cooked me a delicious vegetarian meal (celery + carrots) after our official dinner at the western food restaurant, where I couldn't touch most of the food except a small plate of vegetarian spring roll. It was great to have supportive friends like Ashley around, who helped me stick to my self-imposed vegan diet.

Ashley and her two lovely dogs, Emmie and Louis at Sentosa
Ashley and her two lovely dogs, Emmie and Louis at Sentosa

On the 9th day, I was faced with another challenge. I had dinner with my parents and they ordered some tantalizing food I couldn't take. The popcorn chicken and seafood spread were really, really tempting. It was another test. Thankfully, my parents were very understanding as well and we managed to get some vegetarian dishes to be shared.

On the last day, I kept reminding myself that I did it, I was so proud of myself. It was really an accomplishment for me.

Reflecting on my 10-day Vegan Diet experience, I realized that I am so blessed because I have such supportive people around me, who helped me stay true to my goal. It was also a tough test of my endurance and perseverance and I now know that my will-power is stronger than ever before. I am going to pay more attention to my health now so that I can lead a richer, better and balanced life.

If you would like to internalize what I have just shared, here's my challenge to you: Start on your own 10-day Vegan Diet and discover the magic for yourself!

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Simone says:

I just started going vegetarian on Sunday – this is Day 3. My goal is to go completely vegan for a month trial period, and if I am able to do it (I think I can) to go for another 6 months. I’m your classic carnivore as well – I love meat. I’m doing this mostly as an experiment to see if it has an impact on my physical health & alertness, and partly because I have been reading up on how factory farming is a significant contributor to pollution and global warming – plus I like animals (not just their taste! LOL!) and hearing about some of the horrible things that happens to them on their journey to my plate bothers me a lot.

I’ve been eating mostly vegan, but I’m finishing up some of the cheese I have left in the fridge (which I eat sparingly) because there’s no point in wasting food. I haven’t noticed any BIG changes in my body yet, but I am going to persevere. The biggest challenge for me is other people’s attitude. I think you could give up just about ANY other food group without anyone caring, but the minute you stop eating meat, my experience has been that people jump on you like you’re some kind of freak. When I went with my boyfriend to have dinner with his father’s family, they wouldn’t accept that I wouldn’t be eating meat for dinner. “Oh you can start this vegetarian thing tomorrow! You’ll be eating meat with us tonight!” Oh, will I? When I was putting food on my plate, they all actually stopped what they were doing and watched what I was putting on my plate. I finally looked up, saw them all coiled in anticipation watching my every move, I said, “Guys! Stop staring and worry about what you’re going to put on your own plate!”

There seems to be something odd and tribal about meat – kind of reminds me of smokers, really. LOL! It’s like people don’t think you’re part of “the tribe” if you don’t eat meat with them. This vegan experiment is also turning out to be a bit of a social experiment as well. If I gave up eating vegetables, no one would care, but meat seems to touch a nerve with people, and I’m not sure I get why. Good for you for lasting 10 days. I’m on day 3 and have been experiencing doubts as to whether or not I can (or should) do it, but I’m going to persevere. πŸ™‚

How’s your vegetarian diet going? =)

Great Post!!! Thanks for spreading awareness about plant-based nutrition. I’m a physician who advocates a plant-based lifestyle (I hate the word diet, lol). As a hobby, I recently started a blog as a resource for those considering transitioning to a plant-based diet (that word again), wanting to learn more about plant-based nutrition and those new to a plant-based lifestyle. Kindest Regards, Jenna (

About to be Veg says:

Hello there. After sitting on the fence for a very long time, I’ve finally decided I’m going to turn vegetarian (although not vegan). I can see the merit of an all veggie-diet.

Still a few important concerns remain. Please pay heed even if they may sound stupid.

1. I heard vegetarian diet leads to reduced Male libido. Is this correct? I have own experiences of giving giving very impressive bedroom performance after having pork chops. My mind still associates meat with virility πŸ™‚ Are there any vegetarian “power” foods that can substitute this mental image of meat for virility.

2. Lackluster skin and hair -I feel vegetarian food removes the visual gloss and sheen present in your skin.

Acai Berry says:

Thanks to the article, Now there is more reason to comment than ever before! Everyone should participate. I am incorporating what your wrote to our project!

SAM says:

I am just checking to see if you still monitor this article because I would like to ask you some questions.

I have been a vegetarian for about 10 years. I have given in and eaten meat a few times during that time because I would be out with someone and their food would smell so good. It doesn’t taste very good though and the last time I ate a piece of ham which used to be one of my favorites, I even felt sick afterwards. I am healthier than I have ever been. I still do eggs and dairy. Those are my 2 main sources of protein.

chaosgone says:

I found your blog from Nice post!

Missy: Thanks for your kind words and encouragement! Looking forward to what you will be posting. =P I like your nick – Groovy Vegetarian.. Groovy Baby!

HappinessBlog: Well personal development includes mind, body and spirit. Now that I am back on my normal diet, I can really appreciate what I’ve been through during my Vegan diet. Like I said, I have such cool friends and supportive family members. Don’t you think I would be grateful and happy for that? =D

How has this detox affected your well-being/happiness? I would like to run something on this at my blog site
Let me know!!

Missy says:

Hi Yee:

I know you from Blog Catalog (m38967) and am so happy to have found this post, and what a great post it is. You decided to go vegan for 10 days and see if you could do it, and you did. You’re right support is essential in just about any and all endeavors we choose to undertake, and it sounds like you have some pretty cool friends, not too mention you seem like someone who is active and out and about doing things. Which is good, because it means you were busy with other things, besides constantly thinking of food. Going vegetarian or vegan (even part-time) definitely helps one to be more aware of what they eat. I think i will post about your experience in my blog. See ya at BC.


Great Question Claudio… Even though I’m back to my “normal” diet, I’m more conscious of what I’m feeding my body now.

I guess it’s hard to transition overnight into a vegan. I am however including more vegetables and fruits in my diet now as compared to last time. I wouldn’t rule out the possibility of going vegan for real in the near future.

claudio says:

Just one question… If you felt so healthy during those 10 days, why didnt you stay as a vegan… I heard great things from them… I just dont have the strenght πŸ˜›

Well I lost a bit of weight. My face also cleared up (unfortunately the acne came back after I reverted to my normal diet).

Besides the food you take, exercise and sleeping hours are also important.

corrine says:

So what were the effects on your body after the 10 days?