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It’s my birthday and I’ll smile if I want to

Smile if I want to… Smile if I want to…

You'll smile too if it happened to you… =)

Haha… So I had my birthday celebrations with a bunch of great friends over the past weekend… (You can wish me Happy Birthday on 15th March every year) We had lots and lots of fun.

Feel free to check out the pics on facebook

I feel so blessed and so grateful for everything I've manifested in the past one year… and I'm sure life's just going to get even better from now on. Thank you universe, thanks everyone!

I'm 28 and life is great!

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Devi says:

Hi Shun Jian,

Happy Belated Birthday to you! Looks like you had loads of fun 🙂 hope the coming year is even better, wishing you more happiness, health and wealth 😀

renzze says:

Looks like a ton of fun! Take care!

gillian (; says:

Hey there! (;
I’m glad you’ve had a fun birthday during the day before and that day itself!

Meet soon bah, cheers ! ~