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Nick Vujicic, the man born with no limbs, is going to be a daddy!

Nick Vujicic is going to be a Daddy!

I wrote about Nick Vujicic, the man with no limbs, about 5 years back (Nick Vujicic, the man with no limbs, on Perspective, Vision and Choices). In that blog post, I shared 3 videos of a talk that Nick gave, about overcoming the cards that life dealt him, which I found to be highly inspiring.

Now, I want to share a piece of awesome news with you… As some of you might know, Nick got married in February this year to his gorgeous bride (just as he believed without a shadow of a doubt that he would) and just today (HOT off the press), he announced to everyone that his wife is now 13 weeks pregnant and that he’s going to be a daddy!

Isn’t this a beautiful, powerful and inspirational testimonial? (As Adidas aptly puts it, “Impossible is Nothing”)

I’m going to leave you with pictures summing up Nick Vujicic‘s amazing story from our 101 Powerful Affirmations Facebook Community. Feel free to ‘like’, ‘share’ and ‘pin’ this blog post & the pictures as well as leave your comments on how you’ve been inspired by Nick’s story.

Nick Vujicic is going to be a Daddy!

Nick Vujicic is going to be a Daddy!

Nick Vujicic is going to be a Daddy!

Nick Vujicic is going to be a Daddy!

Nick Vujicic is going to be a Daddy!

Nick Vujicic is going to be a Daddy!

Hope you can see how this brings a whole new meaning to the phrase “What’s your excuse?”

May you be as inspired as me by this man’s story of trials to triumph…

I look forward to your feedback!

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Heather says:

That’s great! Nick has been a further inspiration to me, as I personally know the author of “If I Can Do It…” Colin James, who has been wheel chair bound since the age of 3 and a half, and still lives a very positive life at the age of 74, even though he suffers a great deal with pain. He doesn’t see himself as disabled either! It’s amazing what determination will do for anyone!

Dr. Ranka Kulic says:

Great space for science and other big and important persons I see in the case of Nick. Nick can be helped so that he can have each part of the body and live, at the end, like each from others people.