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All right, here's the deal. A couple of my “crazy” friends are on an “impossible” mission. They have just written a book in 24 hours (yes, you heard me right!) and now, they want to do something crazier…

They are hoping to sell 10,000 copies of their ebook in 24 hours!

The book is a collection of stories of change. They want to bring a message to the world that dreams can become reality. From what I've heard, 20% 60% of the proceeds will go to the “Make A Wish” Foundation.

Here's a video of Eric explaining just “what the heck” they are trying to do…

The team has only about 10 hours left. So if you want to help them out, do visit their site to find out more and buy the book.

P.S. Just in case you are wondering, I don't get anything for doing this… except maybe the fulfillment of helping passionate people make their dreams come true…

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