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Simplicity is Key

Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.
– Confucius

Have you ever noticed that as sophisticated thinking machines, we humans have the tendency to over-complicate things?

I'm working on a significant life-changing project with Jimmy and we are stuck. We are stuck because we grew a simple idea into a complicated pile of mess and it's time to integrate all of our knowledge, all of our learnings into a whole.

A whole load of simplicity.

And that's when the huge rock dropped on our paths… preventing us from moving ahead. We are wrecking our brains, thinking, pondering, creating, observing… How do you take a simple idea and implement it simply?

I haven't figured it out yet… but I'm letting my unconscious mind take over and pass me the answer when it's ready… There's this idea that our unconscious minds are like super computers… Ask them any questions and they will work their butts off to come up with all the answers you'd ever wish for.

If this is too new age for you, I understand… but hey no harm giving it a go right?

And for you quote lovers out there… I want to leave you with another gem…

Genius is the ability to reduce the complicated to the simple.
– C. W. Ceram

P.S. If you have any simplification tips, please share them with my readers and me ok?

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SD says:

My best simplicity advice is to just takes things one step at a time. Work on smell simple goals now and build towards the larger ones. It keps things simple for me.

Massimo says:

First things first. What do you want ? What is your primary goal?
For example “write a book”. Do you want really to write or you want people acknowledge you for being a writer ?
So for example you really want to be known.
Who has to know you ? and so on. Be specific.

What is the simplest method that make you rearch that “ultimate” goal ?