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Thank You Universe For My Wonderful Friends AKA Happy Birthday To Me

So… My Birthday was on Saturday (15 March) and I had a mini-celebration with a group of good friends…

Instead of boring you with too much details, I shall just let the pictures do the talking again…

Acting Silly
Me Acting Silly As Always…

Birthday Cake
My Lovely Mango Cake…

Birthday Present
My Sweet Presents…

Group Pic
Betsy, Ivan, Me, Jimmy, Hao Ming and Shervon!

Making A Wish
Me making a Birthday Wish!


Playing With Fire
I'm playing with fire!

This is such a scandalous pic… I just had to include it… Haha…

Thank You Universe! And thank you my Dear Friends…

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Sion Hui: Thanks! Yup… Most of them were there =D

Ange: I did! Thanks…

It looks like you had a great night!

Happy Birthday 🙂


Sion Hui says:

Time zips by very fast, just as your name suggests.

Anyway, Happy Belated Birthday!!

ps : tot i saw some familiar faces in your photos. Did any of your friends attend Life Directions on late Jan?

renzze says:

Happy Birthday!!!