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I felt inspired to write about this feeling because it's so special.

Have you ever found yourself in a state of “falling”? It could be falling in love… falling into a new path in your life or just because you were anticipating something…

It's an interesting feeling… There's an element of fear… because you're not really sure where you are going to land… if at all… (how deep does the rabbit hole go?) You wonder what you'll find… but at the same time you feel liberated… excited… to the world of new possibilities…

It's the thrill that moves you… maybe that's why people go bungee jumping… In any case, isn't it true that when you are the most vulnerable, you are also the most ready?

P.S. What are your experiences on falling? Do share them with me by leaving a comment… Cheers!

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Hrm – interesting post..

Falling in love is the obvious one.

But there’s also a “falling” feeling around a new business venture. Perhaps “falling” can be described as an excited exploration of new and unknown possibilities?