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The Fun Of Coaching Patterns Of Excellence

Yes I know… It's been some time since my last post. In case any of you were wondering what I had been up to lately, well here's a little glimpse…

I was coaching Patterns of Excellence (POE) and we had a great time!

As usual here are some of the pics…

If pictures tell a thousand words, then what about videos?

Here are the silly games we played to keep ourselves awake (coaches only sleep about 3hours per night on average)

Of course, coaching isn't all fun and games. We are constantly stretched and made to step up to a higher level so we can inspire, motivate and touch all the people that we meet… =)

I hope this post will spur some of you to take up coaching… it's really rewarding in its own right.. you'll see…

For you guys who are going to Module 2 on 16-20th April, I'll see you all real soon!

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Clement Chee says:

Wow, I just come across this site and I’ve just realised you are one of the coaches of AKLTG. I’m a big fan of Adam Khoo and his teachings has truly opened up my mind to the unlimited possibilities.

Looks like you guys really had great fun. I am looking forward to join the Patterns of Excellence Seminar soon.

Nice to meet you SJ Yee.


renzze says:

sounds like you really had lots of fun!