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The Million Dollar Race Is on!

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Yes… that's right!

Something exciting is going on…

I just got back from coaching “The Patterns Of Excellence (POE)” module 1, an intensive personal development seminar by Adam Khoo and Stuart Tan.

While I was there helping others with their goals, I started to refine my own goals based on my present circumstances: I've already hit the goal I had set for myself one year ago (To Earn US$5,000 a month from Internet Marketing starting from scratch) and now it's time to set exciting, new ones!

My next goal will be to earn my first million dollars.

And what better way to ensure I hit this goal than to have a little competition.

Over a late night phone conversation yesterday, I've challenged another coach to “run the million dollar race“.

The first one to hit his/her first million wins!

If she wins, I'll have to sponsor her expenses for a 2 week New Zealand tour.

If I win, she'll have to sponsor my expenses for a 2 week Europe cross-country tour! (exciting huh?)

Her income this year is almost double mine at the moment and so she has a really nice headstart.

But that's okay… because I am confident I will win! (I love competition and I love winning *grins*)

This will probably be the most exciting race of my life!

Please root for me okay??? =)

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Avani-Mehta says:

Sounds very interesting 🙂 Looking forward to updates. All the best to you.