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How I made USD100 in 1 second and how you can do it too

I made US$100 last Friday… just by showing up at a seminar.

How I made USD100 in 1 second and how you can do it too

Oh wait… hundreds of people showed up at the seminar as well but they didn't make that kind of money.

So let me start all over again… Showing up was the first step.

Showing up allowed me to see the opportunity. But seeing the opportunity is one thing, seizing the opportunity is another thing all together.

Of the hundreds of people at the seminar, how many do you think acted when the opportunity presented itself?

Come on… give it a rough guess. 50? 100?

Nah… the answer? About 5.

Interesting huh? But doesn't it reflect on real life? When a money-making opportunity comes along, perhaps only a handful of people get to see it, because of being in the right place at the right time. However, is everyone going to act on it?


Perhaps some feel that the amount of money is too little. Perhaps others feel that they can't run fast enough. Perhaps the majority choose to give up even before stepping up to the starting line. Perhaps perhaps perhaps…

Now what does understanding this phenomenon mean?

If you are able to see it too, you will come to understand the opportunity within the opportunity. That's right. Doesn't it mean that you have lesser competition and a higher chance of success?


Within a second, I made up my mind to act on the opportunity and the US$100 was in my hands
. No ifs, no else's, no buts.

Opportunities come and go. We either spot and grab them or someone else is going to do it!

Now that you understand all that I have just shared, when the next opportunity comes along, what are you going to do?

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shuwu Alex says:

Hey shun, greetings to you all the way from Uganda east Africa,
i cant explain my gratitude upon your wonderful works,,,
how i wish i was paternal brother perhaps i would gain a lot more and may be , be richer than Aka Bill gates ooopppps!!
any way nice work,
take care
God bless you
Tel; +256777272525

Gerry says:

Maybe I am dumb but how did you get $100?

Could not find it in this post anyway.

Visitor says:

Man your feed reader widget shows 6 billion readers. I was looking into JohnChow and Shoemoney blogs and they were competing for first rank with 14000 readers. 🙂

Great advice. Carpe diem!

Aaron Loh says:

Well said! I was at a seminar and such thing did happen. A game was thrown to the participants. Most people hesitated and missed the money making opportunity. Only a handful got the money. Successful people take fast and massive actions.

gale says:

great advice, i agree that it’s all up to ourselves to make our own opportunities

Someone once said 90% of success is turning up. I think you’ve proved them right!

renzze says:

It’s been some time since i checked out your site! Been soooo busy but I guess you’ve been really busy too!