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Life and Music by Alan Watts

In the following video animation, Alan Watts compares life with music, prompting me to reflect on the composition I have created thus far…

It's so true. We get so caught up with life's nitty gritty details that we often miss the overall picture. I remember quarreling with my ex-girlfriend frequently. Come to think of it, we were always arguing about the past and the future… simply because we had forgotten the most important thing then – The Present.

Life is not about reaching the ending point because we all know what lies in store for us there. It's about enjoying the moment.

I'm glad Alan Watts reminded me of that. I hope you remember it too…


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You are welcome Albert =)

One of my favourite animations. I first saw it on some random webpage, forgot to bookmark it, and I thought I lost it! Never hit me that it was on youtube.

Thanks for finding it.

Albert | UrbanMonk.Net
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