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Play and Feed a Hungry Person!

I came across a very meaningful site which I want to share with all of you. The idea is so simple and that may be why it's so effective.


The objective of this site is for you to “Learn Free Vocabulary & Give Free Rice“. Basically, you get to play a word game. For every word you get right, this non-profit site will donate 10 grains of rice through the United Nations to help end world hunger.

I donated 80 grains of rice today just by playing the word game.


Cool huh? I just couldn't resist spreading the word for a meaningful cause…


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400 bowls? Wow… well the good thing is it’s for a worthy cause! =D

Staci Rose says:

I am so addicted to this! I’ve put it on my blog as well, and when I see it I think, maybe I’ll check it out for a few minutes. Well, 400 bowls later, I have totally lost track of time, and feel good and guilty at the same time! 😉

Nice post.

IAmSoOverMe says:

Huh? I didn’t know that all the human body needed was grains of rice to live on. Those people just need to be taught how to grow their own rice.

Cool… I have put up the code already. Thanks Bonnie!

Bonnie says:

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