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On Becoming A Full-Time Blogger/Internet Marketer

Cheque From Commission Junction (April)
It's been almost 1 year since I left my MNC job to pursue what I love… Writing.

I must admit… It wasn't the easiest thing to do… There were so many obstacles I had to overcome… especially objections from my parents. “You have a 2nd Upper Honours Degree from NUS… why do you want to waste it?“, my mom would constantly ask, as she watched me type words she didn't understand into my laptop every time she got back home.

Go teach tuition or something… don't waste your time at home… Go get a REAL JOB… Please!

If only I had a dollar for every time she said that…

But you know what? It's funny… because that served as a powerful form of motivation for me. All my life, I have been told that what I love to do (writing) won't make me any money.

It was drilled in so deep that it affected a lot of the choices in my life.

And it made me into a passive rebel of sorts.

When people told me no… impossible… I would go out of my way to prove them wrong. Although it isn't exactly the healthiest form of motivation, it worked to drive me to accomplish my goals.

And accomplish my goals I did…

I just received my cash prize for The Gold BloggyAward for today.

In less than one year, I built a PR4 Personal Development blog from scratch…

It's an exciting journey. Along the way, I have been interviewed by other infopreneurs/entrepreneurs, received countless emails of thanks for freely sharing the personal development tips I have learned from expensive seminars, sent books and other physical products to review and I've also gotten to know a lot of great people. On top of that, I'm finally able to say that I'm making a full-time income online, working from the comfort of my own home.

But you know what I realized?

It wasn't the money nor the awards that excited me the most (Don't get me wrong… they do excite me and I'm thankful to the universe for all the positive things and people that are currently in my life)

What matters most to me is this:

I still remember vividly the moment I showed my mom and dad my commission junction cheque dated 23rd April 2008. The smile on their faces… it was priceless…

Then it hit me… hard

I am driven by love… for my family. I left my previous job so that I can spend more time with my family…

Yes there was a part of me that was always trying to prove myself… I don't deny it… but I know now that the main reason I am able to achieve the level of online success I am enjoying today is simple… It's because of LOVE.

Love can make you do great things..

I fully understand that now.

P.S. Are you letting love drive you too?

P.P.S. Here's a good Internet Marketing Resource for the Newbies… and even experienced Internet Marketers.

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Hi SJ!

Your story is almost the same as mine 🙂

I have a college degree, but I’ve never used my diploma to get a “real” j.o.b. My dad, mom, brother, and everyone else thought I’m a lazy girl or something. The more they told me to get a job, the more I refused it and the more I worked harder to achieve my Internet marketing dream 😀

Brandan says:

It’s actually a nice and handy part of information. So i am happy which you shared this very helpful info with us. Be sure to keep informed in this way. Thank you for sharing.

Eric says:

I hate it when people tell me I can’t do something, it burns a fire under me, and gives the strength to do anything! I can relate to how it made you feel. Congrats!!

Dennis says:

Thanks for the great content and information. I am always browsing the internet looking for good content to get ideas for my internet home based business opportunity blogs and articles. You have some real good content here so just keep on doing what you are doing as good stuff like this is always hard to find.

Richard says:

Thanks for this article. You’re an inspiration to all of us who want to become full-time internet marketers!

Fortunekitty says:

I like the part where you say…

“Go teach tuition or something… don’t waste your time at home… Go get a REAL JOB… Please!”

If only I had a dollar for every time she said that…”

Sigh..if only the majority would understand what we are passionate about!!

Madz says:

Hi, you have such an excellent site! Very rewarding..I’ve just became a blogger too, but only when I am not busy a work, though been trying to post at least once a day! You can visit mine if you don’t mind @ by the way, have added you unto my link!

Thanks in advance…

I think that in addition to your love for writing (or perhaps because of it) you were industrious enough to keep at your blogging. It is the ability to be consistent that makes one successful. It is the love of what one does that keeps him consistent. Because you loved writing, you kept doing it, and therefore made a lot of money. Good work and congratulations.

I too have difficulties finding motivation to start an online business. I would like to stay home with my kids some day while still earning a livable income. I enjoy writing family stories but I haven’t believed that I can make any income from the blog. But no venture no gain right?

Cool story of how you discovered what really motivated you. Thanks for sharing that.

And yes, there should always be a reason behind the money or making a living. Being clear about what that reason is makes all the difference.

Doc KC says:

I love this article. Thank you so much for sharing it. I too, feel motivated at times to prove to others that I CAN and WILL be successful at being a writer and helping people online!

The obstacles…others telling me to “get a real job”, that I’ll never make money this way, and that I should be making money by using my advanced degrees. So, I can relate 100%.

I have to look at is a love as well, however difficult that may be. My motivation also comes in the form of knowing that I’m helping people everyday. Maybe that’s the form of love that I should use to motivate me because I don’t see any love when someone is yelling at me and being a naysayer as I am doing what I love…

Lots to think about!
Doc KC

Hi SJ,

I saw your post over in the Warrior Forum and thought I would check out your blog.

Congratulations to you. I agree that it is not the money, but the freedomn to chose how to spend your time that makes working at home full time on the internet worthwhile.

Enjoy the time you get to spend with your family!

Ange Recchia says:

Hi SJ… WOW!! what an inspiration to read your story!

Congrats on your achievements and your blog is certainly a great place to visit.

Thank you for sharing this with us and I’m glad you are spending the time with your family and feeling the LOVE!

Peace and Happiness

Hey Saif, Thanks! My contact form is on the page.. maybe it’s not that prominent… lol… it’s at Feel free to shoot me a mail.

Hey Alan, I’m glad my story inspired and motivate you.

You know what? To be able to make 30% of your salary from doing internet marketing part-time is definitely something to be proud of! You’re right. Perseverance is Key! Continue to work towards your dream… I’m sure you can do it =D

BTW, here’s a good Internet Marketing Resource for the Newbies… and even experienced Internet Marketers. I just added it as a P.P.S. Do check it out, Cheers! =)

Alan Lim says:


Great to hear another fellow Singaporean succeeding online. I am just into IM for 15months only part time and what motivates me is because of my family.

I have been travelling too much for the past 10 years(still travelling and currently in Vietnam) for work and have to leave my family alone(at least 6-8 months not around in Singapore / year)in Singapore when I am overseas.

After 15months into IM, I am still not earning enough to go full time in IM (only earning 30% of my current salary) and settle in Singapore. But I believe that as long as I persist, I will make it one day and recover all the lost time with my family.

Your success definitely is a motivation for me that it is possible to go full time IM for a living in Singapore and I give myself another 2 years to achieve that dream od settling down in Singapore.

SaiF says:

Hey SJ!

I’m sure you don’t know who I am and I don’t know you until 5 minutes ago!

I believe I’ve attracted you into my life, bro!

Whatever you said in this post, I’ve personally experienced and CONGRATULATIONS ON THE SUCCESS!

Another Singaporean making his mark on the world! I’m proud of you man!

Today marks the 6th month of my blogging experience and I’ve come a long way =)

To Constant & Never-Ending Improvement,

The World’s First Teen
Personal Development Video Blogger

P.S. I would love to talk to you in person but you don’t have a contact form (at least not one I can see)

Please E-mail me bro =)

Thanks Ashley! =)

Proud of you for your also… =D