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Patterns of Excellence, An interview with Stuart Tan

Over the weekend, I had the opportunity and pleasure to speak with Stuart Tan, one of Singapore's foremost Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) trainers and peak performance specialists. Stuart was personally trained by Dr. Richard Bandler, the co-inventor of NLP. He currently runs a successful motivational and personal development program called The Patterns of Excellence with Adam Khoo, one of Singapore's youngest and most well-known self-made millionaires.

Shun Jian, Stuart and some participants of The Patterns of Excellence program

Shun Jian, Stuart and some participants of “The Patterns of Excellence” program

Stuart shared with me how he got started in NLP, his venture into internet marketing, the mindset of top achievers and his bestselling book “Secrets of Internet Millionaires”.

Perhaps the biggest takeaway from my interview with Stuart is the importance of mentors and the effectiveness of modeling successful people. Stuart humbly attributes his present success to all those who have helped him along the way. As I understand from Stuart, the mark of a great man is his willingness to give others a helping hand. All successful people have mentors and eventually become mentors themselves. With his enthusiastic learning attitude and generosity in sharing his knowledge and experiences, it is not difficult to see the direction Stuart is heading. 8)

Are you ready to hear what Stuart has to share?

Download the Interview here:

Stuart on his foray into Personal Development, NLP and Internet Marketing

Stuart on the Mindsets of Peak Performers

Stuart on his new book “Secrets of Internet Millionaires”


Stuart shares how he first generated traffic to his website


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Clarence Soh says:

Hi SJ,

Good job! Don’t stop writing…. 🙂


Lam ^_^ says:

Hi SJ ,

Well done 🙂 Wish all the best to you . I believe you’re gonna get what you aim since you have been doing your best …

Btw, share with us ur experience of the workshop in KL if you have time ? How was it ? I’m so curious abt that course 🙂

Warmest regards,
Lam 🙂

Titus-Armand says:

“the mark of a great man is his willingness to give others a helping hand.” – Than I should continue helping other people. 🙂

I really enjoy helping people who can’t pay me back… does this make me a great man? 🙂 Joke.

Thanks for these interviews, they are pure gold!

webster says:

Hey SJ,

Great Write-up, i love the content and the way it flows. I’m looking forward to read more or your work.


pc says:


Good job! :o) Will continue to keep track of your future successes!

pc (the one who is TOTALLY repulsed by cod liver oil!)