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The Best of in 2009

Happy Christmas and a Happy 2010
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2009's coming to an end and my-my… what a year it has been!

Indeed, 2009 has been one hell of a ride for me… From flying around the world… to dealing with personal setbacks that I no longer wish to think about… It's time to focus on the good… and take away lessons from the bad. 

All in all, 2009 has humbled me… The year has taught me to be ready for anything… to always have contingencies in place… to bow down and ask for help…

Travelling to so many different cities in 2009 has shown me that there's so much to learn about… so much to see… that the world is a big, big place… and I'm grateful that I'm able to explore it bit by bit… and make some kind of difference, no matter how big or small, along the way.

Now, as usual, I'll always close each year with the best articles/stories/memories. And here are the highlights for 2009…

January 2009
* 3 Quick Tips to Start Manifesting Like A Pro

February 2009
* The Donald Trump Secret To Beating The Recession

March 2009
* The story of a tree (Very Meaningful)

April 2009
* Nails In The Fence

May 2009
* Updates On My First Internet Marketing Workshop

June 2009
* Shun Jian, where have you been?

July 2009
* 7 Personal Development Lessons From Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince

August 2009
* 7 Beautiful Life Lessons To Take Away From “Up” by Pixar

September 2009
* 17-Page Info-Packed FREE Report with life changing strategies

October 2009
* 45 Lessons Life Taught Me By Regina Brett

November 2009
* Living Life

December 2009
Jim Rohn – In Memory Of A Great Man

Let us look forward to a better year ahead… filled with laughter, fun and joy!

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