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The Best of in 2007

Best Personal Development Articles 2007
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Today marks the end of an interesting year – A year where I made the decision to stray from the conventional path to pursue an infopreneurial route.

Yes, it’s not easy. But I’m still hanging on… and that’s because of readers like you.

You see, I have a vision… My vision is to touch the lives of as many people as I can, through my writings. People who are interested in improving their lives… People who want to find more meaning and joy… People who are enthusiastic to learn new things and apply them… People like you.

Now, you may be wondering… what does that get me? How would helping you help me in any way?

Well it helps me find and refine my own meaning in life. Often, when you give, you get back more in return… it may be intangible but you know the feelings are worth their weight in gold.

So without further ado, let me present to you my best personal development articles in 2007

July 2007
5 Proven Tips To Get The Most Out Of Any Seminar
10 Secrets to Happiness I learnt from Andrew Matthews
Patterns of Excellence, An interview with Stuart Tan
Detoxifying the body, My 10 day Vegan Diet Experience

August 2007
A Millionaire's 9 Question Guide To Goal Setting
How you can begin to attract more opportunities into your life
Change your thoughts and you change your world
Networking for Success, Practical Tips from Callum Laing

September 2007
Nick Vujicic, the man with no limbs, on Perspective, Vision and Choices
What would you do with an extra 36 hours every week?

October 2007
How I made USD100 in 1 second and how you can do it too
The FAQ Book on Public Speaking
The Knight in Rusty Armor, A story of Social Masks

November 2007
6 billion readers too shocking?
Life and Music by Alan Watts

December 2007
How to live each day and get from where you are to where you want to go
7 Motivational Quotes To Start Your Day, Everyday!
How to influence anyone to do anything
Why it does not pay to be shy
Are these 3 Fears holding you back from Success?
How to be popular like Santa Claus on Christmas

There you have it, 21 of my best personal development articles in 2007

And how can I forget…

Happy New Year, my dear readers!

*Do drop me a comment or an email to tell me what you want me to write about in 2008!*

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julieth bibiana mosquera arango says:

eres una gran inspiracion

haftay says:

hi how are you? have enjoyed your resources thank you very much.

Jirel says:

You have made these all great posts in 2007.I come to know about this site just after you submotted your article for the carnival I am hosting. I like your blog very much and will be visiting in coming days. Best wishes and Happy New Year!

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Thank you for submitting your post to Carnival Of Tips. I’ll make sure to check out your articles – looks like they’ll make for some very interesting reads!